Oh Julie E. Marshall… Come Over Here For Just A Second ;) !

Meet Julie E. Marshall…

Boy have we gotten a lot of emails on this girl lately…

Looking at her Criminal History in Sangamon County there isn’t much to it. Besides the 48 Traffic Citations many which she never appeared in court for or paid any of the fines.

In 2001 she was found guilty of Misdemeanor Unlawful Sale of Tobacco To A Minor and got probation which she failed to complete.

So why are you guys writing in so much about her? Is it because she might look like a man a little? Is it because of her countless baby dads?
Like Convicted Felon Robert Gristy?

This girl clearly has some issues… Fill the comment box below and our email SpringfieldILExposed@gmail.com with your Julie Marshall Stories ;).

More to come soon 🙂

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83 Comments on "Oh Julie E. Marshall… Come Over Here For Just A Second ;) !"

  1. Hahaha’s enough said

  2. I careless wtf they do they ain’t telling me nun I don’t all ready know about my self ain’t nun bad on their but tickets

  3. Tink……….tink……..

  4. Very true. The person or people emailing them must be very bored too.

  5. Well I hope they are liking wat they see

  6. People are freaking idiots and bored with their lives wow that’s messed up

  7. Yea amber the tobacco was u not me hehehe

  8. LMAO I was just telling my dad that lol

  9. I was like 15 back then lol

  10. This shits all funny to me they trying to tell me shit I all ready know

  11. Robert Gristy look at theses clowns

  12. These people are hilarious

  13. Ikr I’m waiting for more cuz they are totally wrong on thoses tickets

  14. How old is this pick fr fr

  15. And i look better than that

  16. According to the Sangamon County Jail That’s You

  17. Sure in the hell don’t look like u

  18. That was taken in 2005 Robert Gristy

  19. And according to court documents it’s from your 2004 Felony you were out on bail got sentenced on 03/25/2005 to boot camp and they gave u until 03/28/2005 to turn yourself in. Hints the date on the mugshot.

  20. I havent been to jail since 2002.. I think.. And i know my mug shots..not it

  21. That’s when u got locked up

  22. Robert E. Gristy 1979. That you Robert Gristy

  23. I show no convictions in 2002 last one before this mugshot was in the 90s

  24. No Mike was older then a yr old when u got locked up

  25. But u had tats and I never seen u that big

  26. It’s him… There’s only one Robert Gristy ever convicted in Sangamon County. And the dates match his convictions.

  27. And why is any of this relevent to the present..why post my name in this drama now… Makes no sense

  28. It might be idk and really don’t care he had one fat ass head

  29. That don’t look like Robert Gristy

  30. Robert Gristy so is it true you were fucking Brittany Roegee who we previously did a story on?

  31. Who the fuck is that any of your business even if he was

  32. Boom wtf I wanna read this story

  33. Me to shit but it’s like ignorant

  34. Robert Gristy I’ll take that as a yes ;). Wasn’t she one of your other baby mom’s best friend?

  35. Wow this page knows more about Robert Gristy then Robert Gristy or Julie Marshall

  36. I dont know brittany roegee… Like that…that was were she was meeting her other man at… I was faithfully committed to renee for 8 years… She was stepping out not me

  37. Anthony Tobruk Conkrite when you have over 20,000 people a day visit your website and hundreds of emails come in you start to learn about the people who get sent in 😉

  38. Yall got shit twisted

  39. Nope …. Wrong guy.. Never messed with her friends… Wouldnt then or now

  40. Damn rob ur ppl got it out for u

  41. Wow Bj Thewildman Bedrocker lmao

  42. Y’all are dumb as fuck do y’all have anything better to do with you time an multiple baby dads she has four kids an two baby dads lmao there is a lot more biychs with double that get off my aunt nuts an tell whoever that supposedly messages you if they have something to say about her don’t bring it that shit to you bring it to her goofy ass clowns

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