Oh Christian Mother Of 3… Come Back On Down For A Moment! – Antoinette Stubbs

Antoninette what did you do? You don’t get black stripes in county here till you have been moved to general housing…

You May Remember Antoninette Stubbs from Who is Antoinette Stubbs??? Why are MULTIPLE People Submitting her for “The Dirty” …

During our first brief Who is Antoninette, she came to us and said she was a no body just a Christian Mother taking care of her kids… Oh did the readers have a different story about her though. We received over 100 emails or messages on her, to the point we are still compiling her full story.

AntoninetteStubbsSS AntoninetteStubbsSS1 AntoninetteStubbsSS2 AntoninetteStubbsSS3

Hey Antoninette whats up with these mug shots??
AntoinetteStubbs AntoinetteStubbs1 AntoinetteStubbs2

I’m sorry I hope we don’t make you feel like we are committing “deflation of character” again with you.


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33 Comments on "Oh Christian Mother Of 3… Come Back On Down For A Moment! – Antoinette Stubbs"

  1. Is this supposed to be the same person in all the photos ?

  2. Yeah that’s the same person in the photos I know her very well


  4. Lmaoooo. Christian mother. She is hilarious. She’s nothing but a springfield slut.!!!!

  5. Is jasen shooting dope with her? That’s the word on the street!
    HIV herpes cold sore on jasens alleged child molestation lips sicko

  6. Heidi Clark this is the girl we worked with at master cuts??!!??

  7. This b.s really guys. She us not an escort she does my hair this sounds like she has haters. I wonder who it is?Antoinette Stubbs

  8. 9 months pregnant just got into a domestic dispute with my daughter’s father back in 2011 I have no criminal record I do hair model and do Elsa and Wonder Woman for birthdays I’ve got lots of haters that will happen when you’re taking care of your family instead of worry about old shit.

    • Hey your better than all this these people would know what was christain if Jesus stood in front of them. Keep your head up.

  9. you’re far too attractive to worry about this nonsense.

  10. This shit dumb asf people should find a life.. Or do research cause everything on here be lies

  11. This site is a joke! Get a life fr people. This woman takes care of her three kids and is in church EVERY sunday while you negative no life fools spend your time SEARCHING for something wrong with other people’s lives instead of worrying about your own issues…… So get a life. I know her and have known her for 11 years….. No one is perfect…. Let’s dig into each of your dirty little lives she does more good in a day for people than most of you probably have done in your life….. But you see that’s why people talk about what a scummy site this is…..

  12. You sit behind a computer and bash people for mistakes or pics they post what you all mad cause she looks good for having 3 kids….look at the dates on her mug shots how many years ago…..your all a joke and who ever the low life piece of crap that runs this site why don’t you show us who you are or you scared that one the people you try and bash for their past going to see you in public and give u what u deserve… smh this is what’s wrong with the world she isn’t judging people and you all on here judging people hope you don’t claim your a Christian

  13. Another question how are you going to be based in MO but wanna bash people in Springfield Illinois wtf really nothing better to do or you just feel safer in another state.

    • I’m in California people make fun of people who live in springfield Illinois. You’re so fucking sad and sick of yourself.

  14. This shit is ridiculous and I no Y’all tripping bout the wrong ladi

  15. I know Antoinette and she is a wonderful positive person! i too have been in domestic disputes and YES you can get arrested for stratches, anything on the other party. She’s a good chick. I live in California. You’re getting the emails because ppl have no life in Springfield. I keep telling her to move to California! She’s too big for spfld! Haters for real

  16. By the way if you notice your hair was wet she was wearing a swimsuit in the black-and-white stripes. Seriously Springfield people are sick and fucked up in your head. Sincerely, California. Where people would smash you and fucking tell you to go fuck yourselves your bunch of fucking lames!

  17. That’s what she really looks like when she doesn’t have a pound of makeup on from her “modeling” far from a model. A junkie with a camera doesn’t make anyone a model

  18. Antionette Louise
    Antionette Stubbs
    Antionette Stunning
    Here you go modeling agencies!

  19. In the name of | February 4, 2018 at 4:41 am | Reply

    “She looks just like Marilyn Monroe”

  20. She does not look like Marilyn Monroe…….more like a low-grade washed up porn star LOL

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