No More Smoking In Beer Gardens!?? – Is the State trying to kill businesses?

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A recent change in the Administrative rules of the Illinois Smoking Act by the state’s Joint Committee basically barred smoking in any public place that has a floor and a ceiling…

According the “Illinois Department Public Health website “This rulemaking focuses specifically on clarification that smoking is prohibited in a restaurant, bar and any area where food, beverages, or both, are prepared or served by employees, including outdoor areas such as patios, beer gardens, decks, or rooftops or concession areas. Additionally, the proposed rule includes provisions regarding filing of complaints and enforcement provisions.”

The administrative rule change was approved on August 11th by the joint committee, and it went into effect Aug. 14.

The Smoke Free Illinois Act calls for fines between $100 and $250 for a person who smokes in a prohibited area. For people who own or operate a public place and allow smoking in prohibited areas, fine minimums are $250 for a first offense, $500 for a second offense within a year of the first and $2,500 for each additional violation within one year after the first violation.

It is up to the local police departments & public health departments to enforce this change.

We have reached out to the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office, Springfield Police Department, & Sangamon County Health Department for comment.

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