No Chin Clan Meme (Jasen Manuele & Jeffery Beck) – Daily Meme

Need a good laugh today?

Check out this Meme sent in to us today called the “No Chin Clan” it features local Facebook Champion Stalker Jasen Manuele & I’m so drunk I drove my car into a house and thought I was buying hookers, Illinois Department of Corrections Employee Jeffery Beck.


Hey Jasen congrats on the New Girlfriend, I was kind of shocked when I read it in several emails today. All in all I personally think you will do great for each other. I pray for the little guy behind the counter of the criminal window in the Sangamon County Circuit Clerk’s Office. I did hear though they just got a fresh box of No Contact/No Stalking packets in for yall.

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72 Comments on "No Chin Clan Meme (Jasen Manuele & Jeffery Beck) – Daily Meme"

  1. Who’s the new girlfriend? Lol

  2. You guys got pic of jasens black eyes and broke nose?

  3. I hear he and that girl crystal are going out. Someone said they seen them kissing at Lincoln park they both can’t get anyone else ewwwe

  4. Omg I seen them at shop and save on North Grand they were in a car next to me, and I’m like get a room. He got out and I seen it was Jasen I was totally freaked out cause he threatened my friend. He needs to be in jail

  5. This man needs to be in prison! I’m a retired state worker and he has been texting and stalking my daughter and saying terrible stuff about my 9 year old grand daughter. I hear and understand we are not the first I have a detective and states attorney looking and saying they are aware of him. He better pray I don’t see him! I’m old and in bad health but I will make sure my family is safe.

  6. LMMFAO, the lies are ridiculous on here. Jasen does NOT shop at Shop N Save nor is Crystal his gf. For the old man in bad health, I think you’re very dillusional and need to be put in hospice because your brain doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly but make sure you report as much as you can to those detectives and states attorneys because they have a “deaf” ear to the bs that surrounds his name and that’s guaranteed. Where are any facts or charges that this man has done any of these things you people claim? Exactly, because their is none so keep continuing to ride his dick for fame

  7. Old and fed up | November 14, 2015 at 1:30 am | Reply

    If you consider someone who threatened to hurt my daughter and I won’t even say what he said about my granddaughter to be famous you need help. And yes the detective has came out to our house several times he assures it will all be taken care of. I’m worried someone will get hurt with him on the streets our family always lives in fear 🙁

  8. Old and fed up | November 14, 2015 at 1:36 am | Reply

    How would you feel if you seen your daughter constantly scarred to leave the house alone? Could you imagine living in such fear you sound like a friend of his I hope you know his potential. If he was to do 1/10 of what he says it would devestate me and I would have nothing to to lose. And yes I’m going to not have that long the clock is ticking so I have nothing to lose.

  9. You sound like a complete moron to be honest, I do know him very well and he has custody of one of his sons and he’s NEVER hurt a child nor has he made statements on hurting a child and their are NO facts to the allegations you claim. Until you can prove that these things are true I’d suggest that you fallback old man because you’re off your rocker, literally! Falsifying police reports aren’t shit to pull off and lying to judges bringing falsified documents have helped certain individuals but in all seriousness the states attorney have become “deaf” to the stories surrounding him. How is this man currently complying with probation in a successful manner if these allegations are true and where are the charges?

  10. Old and fed up | November 14, 2015 at 1:53 am | Reply

    I don’t care about anyone else just my family and particularly my granddaughter. The detective and states attorney sure seem to be listening to my family and I. And sir I can tell you are friends with him by how you are disrespectful to older people. You might consider hanging out with better people. May God forgive you I will pray for you son.

  11. Old and fed up | November 14, 2015 at 1:59 am | Reply

    The detective said he has I think 30 no stalking orders on your friend usually where there is smoke their is fire. And I personally read all the messages this young man wrote and it makes my skin crawl. Please try to talk to him and tell him to stop. Does he have any idea what it is like? To be trapped in your home and scarred to leave.

  12. Old and fed up | November 14, 2015 at 2:09 am | Reply

    If I was 20 years younger I’d kick his ass. I’m trying to do things the legal way my father taught me that. But it is legal if he come for my babies again I will shoot. I barely sleep at night looking for his charger its terrifying.

  13. Lmao @ the dying old man

  14. Gotta let u knoe | November 14, 2015 at 2:21 am | Reply

    I just seen all this and no chin. My buddy works at a fast food place and they seen jasen with someone at the drive thru and they took his ff and pissed on them and wiped his burger on a urinal then he said he picked his nose on it. They were all in the kitchen dying laughing this dude brush his teeth I hope peace

  15. Practicing he can’t keep my name out of his mouth my name is not Jennifer its jenny

  16. I personally have dealt with Jasen for quite some time with threats and I don’t believe a word of them and hes even admitted that he talks alot of shit but hes never one to act on them so I really wouldn’t worry too much about being scared to walk out of the house. And he does love his son and Im pretty confident he would never hurt a child but he has said things about my daughter and these things will never be forgiven but nothing about harming her just some pretty off the wall.stuff that Id rather not say. Honestly I feel sorry for him. Seems like the whole town is after him but they wouldn’t be if he just kept his damn mouth shut

  17. The stuff he says about children and older people is disgusting. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. He threatens to rape little kids who know if he has or not. He was saying he was going to rape my friend he is sick.

  18. The stuff he says about children and older people is disgusting. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. He threatens to rape little kids who know s if he has or not. He was saying he was going to rape my friend he is sick.

  19. I don’t feel a bit sorry for him

  20. My friend slapped the shit outta this dude about 4 years ago when jasen was high on rocks. I sat there and I was like damn he just took it lmfao. No wonder he talks so much shit on internet he gotta make it up somewhere smh

  21. Look at jasen talking highly of himself.I hope you don’t believe that is someone that knows him because it is not it is him.he is a sick man that needs would think his mom would get him some helpsince she works at memorial.but guess what she may not have a job after I show her bosses the video of him and his mother carrying on in court.I don’t think we need someone taking care of others in our community that backs up her sick son and is OK with his behavior we will see tho

  22. He’s a bitch straight up and my friend isn’t the only one I heard about treating this dude. He wants to be gangster so bad and the internet is the only place for a bitch like him to be tough. And I know dude the police my friend said he wore a wife on his buddy buying a 20piece he seen the video and everything. How you think he stays out of jail with all the stuff he does. #informant

  23. Me and my neighbor were talking today I showed him all the messages he has been writing to my daughter and about my granddaughter. He was about to vomit when he read and it makes want to cry. If we see his blue charger driving around here again we boy are going to have major problems. I’m trying to talk her into getting an OP so jasen leave them alone. See you during past my place again in the middle of the night all slow again…..

  24. Old and fed up…..Those post from a “Anonymous” is Jasen himself,trust me. I also have a 2yr no stalking order on him,never met the man until court but I have 100’s of messages from him on fb,including he was going to beat and rape my 10yr old daughter and bust the windows out of my BMW. Jasen is currently on Probation for violating OPs/No stalking orders,his probation officer encourages everyone to make police reports and get no stalking orders. Also….That’s not his blue charger,it belongs tk his gf Angela Davis,his bum ass doesn’t have a license or money to buy a damn car.He’s too damn busy harassing people to get a damn job. I hope you and everyone else starts making police reports and files No Stalking Orders.
    Lastly…..Jasen you’re ignorant,trust me the states attorney is on to your ass,you think you’re untouchable because you’re a snitch that’s how you’ve gotten away with past petty crimes like stealing men’s hair dye at Walmart I also noticed your probation officer violated your probation officer violated your probation a few weeks ago Maybe this time when you get released from prison you’ll learn to leave people alone! BTW…How’s those two black eyes and broken nose feeling?!? #GotYou

  25. He wore a wire on my best friend Camero! He met him at the car was on North grand and sold him a quad now he’s doing 5 years. This dude is nothing but a snitch my whole Fam coming at him. Going to catch you out that garage snitchboy wire wearing ass. And we know where your girlfriend works cleaning teeth we coming to play boi. Blue charger

  26. How some gonna snitch when they the biggest dope fien in this town. Work for the police get away with murder literally

  27. I’m sorry for everyone I ever told on I was scarred of going to prison. I hope you will forgive me? I have a serious problem and acting tough on the internet and treating women and children makes me feel more like a man.

  28. Camero I remember that day with your friend I fell so bad. My back was up against the wall and I was up for 5 days straight I tried to signal your friend I had a wire on but he didn’t get it. I’ll try to to send him money on his books everyone im so sorry.

  29. I’m done snitching! Please everyone I can’t take being trapped in this garage anymore. Thing got really out of hand and I didn’t want any jailtime.

  30. I have a new girlfriend who has a great job a familia dental on 9th street. We can’t even go to the movies or get a drink and she’s getting tired of it. I already have 2 black eyes isn’t that enough. She also travels the state for her job also.

  31. Are you serious that is not jasen his page will be back up soon…lol destroying everyone’s life.pleassssse

  32. Camero fuck you. I snitched on your boy so what your punk ass didn’t do anything when I seen you at the store. Goofy ass dude he was a goofie and didn’t even see the wire clear as day. When my probation is over all you going down. Aintdoshitandyourboygone

  33. Camero I tried to say sorry but you wanna be a bitch and call me and talk shit. Soon as I get off parers its on bitchboy

  34. Stay tuned to jasens page for when his mom loses her job in the medical field and jeasen can’t see his son anymore because he can’t stop harassing people. I guess him Janet and Dino will be living off his settlement money in his garage.its only far he harasses your whole family why can’t we…..js

  35. Jasen manuele fuck you my wife just had a baby and we were at the store. You weren’t talking that shit when I caught your ass at Lincoln park when I caught you with that right cross. Your stupid ass heat fell right off your crack face bitch. I’ll come over right lol snitches

  36. Old and fed up | November 15, 2015 at 3:33 pm | Reply

    Jasen I seen your apology and I don’t care. It’s as unsincere as they come. The things you said about my daughter and granddaughter she is only 11 you are a very sick man. I hope they throw away the key and those inmates pass you around all night till your ass bleeds. And my friend said you have herpes and hope you get it on your ass too. You have made me and my family feel unsafe for over 2 years now and finally a detective is saying its going to all end soon.

  37. I heard he got black eyes and broken nose ! Where the pics at . I heard someone headbutted him in the county talking crap stalking there woman

  38. Wow that’s crazy , he must stalk alot of woman and kids kinda creepy and scary

  39. Funny thing is his girlfriend Angela Davis is on Fb crying about everything and people are commenting on it saying honey it will be OK.they have jasen blocked so they can’t see jasen commenting… of the people jasen has been harassing for years….so funny maybe people need to look at who there friends on Facebook

  40. Manuele tried messaging my daughter and when she said no! He started immediately calling her a nasty bitch and whore and accused her of being a drug addict. Till this day he sends her messages through multiple Facebook accounts and this was over 4 years ago. She’s 18 now and when I see you its on! You don’t know me but I know everything about you Mr. Manuele

  41. Dear Jasen,
    Since you’re fully aware of my post on here let me address a few things…..#1 Were all fully aware of your obsession with me,it clearly shows when you make post back to back about me (5-6 within a few hours) #2 You ARE a snitch,you’ve actually snitched a few times,like when you were part of a kidnapping and you were the ONLY one who got out of the charges…#3 I love how you say I have lost my rights to my daughter,you’re truly a fucking dumbass! If I lost my rights I wouldn’t get to see my daughter ever,nor have any say regarding my daughter….#4 You never answered my question in your never ending rants…How’s those two black eyes and broke nose feeling?!? See what happens when you continue fucking with people?!? Keep posting bullshit lies about me,as you see you don’t get any likes on those post lmao

  42. Yeah I heard jasen talked shit to my cuzz and about my brother , if u was him I’d prolly get a 1 way ticket already cause I ain’t sugarcoating shit and am gonna whoop his ass , call it like it is , u fucked up jasen !!

  43. Jasen your feelings must be hurt tonight you are posting away and the only 2 likes your getting are Angela Davis and crystal page.are you ever going to grow have a child in high school what if he gets hurt at school for the things you do to are very sad karma is a bitch my friend and I have a feeling it is going to get u

  44. No chin having black eyed child molester gonna get it

  45. My goodness you piece of shit low life….if you’re going to post about me at least speak the truth….You’ve posted damn near 15 post about me just today,I’m so sorry you’re obsessed with me but its time you get help. No worries the states attorney will have all your post about me tomorrow…..I hammered your ass in court and got my two year no stalking order on you….You had your chance to defend your ass and you FAILED! ALSO….Keep posting about my family,no matter what we’re going through we are sisters,we are blood,we are family and will be there for each other when it comes to bullshit like this….Keep posting about myself and family and friends you’ll be back in prison soon enough! Why Dont you just leave us all alone?!? Because you’re mental that’s why….I’m asking you nicely to leave me and my family alone. I’ll see you in court this Thursday at 9:00am

  46. He’s a fucking idiot. If you look at his custody case on line it will tell you he don’t have custody of his son. His baby momma agreed to joint custody. he loves to lie about everything.

  47. Message my daughter one more time tonight I’ll come drag you out your garage. I’m sick of you

  48. He set me up and my friend at the carwaah on north grand he had a fucking wire on. He called us all desperate needing something we were very reluctant and I told my friend let’s not do it. I wish I would of followed my gut. Nice I’m a felon and my life is screwed up because of you jasen manuele.

  49. Jasen u can stop messaging me anytime now I don’t want anything to do with you. I have no idea who you are and have never met you. And no I don’t live on iles. Please stop threatening me and my family

  50. Wow jasen your a real winner Angela is so lucky to have

  51. jason is a cousin of mine and he is a horrible horrible individual he last and brags about another cousin of ours passing away he laughed about me losing my baby he is a disgusting individual just so you all know you might want to stay clear of this psychopath for anybody to laugh at a woman for having A stillborn is one hell of a piece of s*** he is psycho he’s deranged and he needs help I don’t think there’s any kind of help out there that would change his ways stay clear Of his ass

  52. I have a file on Jasen about 3 inches thick. He is crazy. And not the kind some girls are attracted to. He preys on women because he thinks they’re weak. He threatened to kill my son. I won’t give details because I’m not putting myself so I have to get another OP on his lunatic ass…but many threats. He is not a good father. His parents have watched his kids since I’ve known him. He see’s them here and there and goes and smokes or whatever the f he does now. Obviously more than weed because I barely recognize him now. Wow…I genuinely feel sorry for any girl that would see him. How about a friendly $1k bet that you will be filing on him VERY soon. Dude will say sorry and change to psycho in seconds.

  53. He snitched on me and my friend in the same week wiring wearing ass dude. I seen it all on the video! I couldn’t believe my eyes cost me 8k in attorneys fees

  54. Burn that house down | November 17, 2015 at 7:34 am | Reply

    Why talk shit back to the kid if who ever had a problem burned his house down or made costly for his parents to provide for him i bet it would change

  55. My friends son got over 5 years because of this man telling on him and wearing a wire. Smh

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