No Child Sex Charges Against Shane Mathew McDermith

Shane Mathew McDermith

Meet Shane McDermith

You may know him from Shaner’s Towing, but today we are addressing something that has came up in our comment sections on several stories.

So first off yes we know Shane hires all kinds of sick people from sex offenders, to animal abusers but hey at the end of the day that’s his choice to do. It does violate the agreements he has with the County  & City in regards to drivers, but that’s his choice if he wants to risk those large contracts.

Shaner Shaner1 Shaner2
There may have been allegations, but no formal charges nor arrest.


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14 Comments on "No Child Sex Charges Against Shane Mathew McDermith"

  1. expose all the workers they all have exciting backrounds

  2. I know Shaner pretty well and he’s a stand up guy that would give the shirt if his back to help you out if you needed it. No charges= waste of bashing him. And who cares who he hires your not paying them and he’s giving them a job that mean one less person on welfare

  3. Wow, trashing a great guy… real classy… oh, wait, you never have been classy or checked out your facts first. I really hope someone can sue you for everything you own one day soon.

  4. There probably child molesters just like numbnuts?? He was arrested so there was probably cause you jerk offs!!!!!

  5. Justin Smith you dumb fuck this mug shot was from a SOS issue, I worked for him at the time I know!!!!

  6. Alicia Marie is correct Complaint 01 Count 001 NO LICENSE/USED VEHICLE DEALER Jul 13, 2001 Defendant: SHANE M. MCDERMITH
    Complaint 02 Count 002 UNLICENSED USED CAR DEALER Sep 28, 2001 Defendant: SHANE M. MCDERMITH

  7. Justin Smith should do more research before he falsely accuses people of bullshit!

  8. It’s easy to hide behind a fake profile

  9. Brad Denning | May 27, 2016 at 12:46 pm | Reply

    I’ve known Shane McDermith for a lot of years, weather you spent two hours or two weeks investigating, you’ve wasted your time. He is a good guy and it is possible that he has employed some that have made mistakes in the past. I assure you that if he has knowledge of a current employee involved in any thing questionable they will likely part ways.

  10. None yo Business Bitch! | May 27, 2016 at 5:54 pm | Reply

    Imagine this another shaners employee arrested. Took his personal car to call and cop ran his background guess what had a warrent. Goes to show shaners does not check peoples background to see if they have a warrent. Or crimal record.

  11. The people that run springfield exposed need to find something better to do with their time other than try to ruin people’s lives/reputations.

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