Nicole Marie Wavering Convicted ShopLifter

Here is another original Exposed Publishing, NFP. post.

Remember Nicole Marie Wavering ?

A User submitted her recently with some naughty photos…

Well apparently Ms. Wavering is a shoplifter.

So how is she a manager for target with a criminal background?

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33 Comments on "Nicole Marie Wavering Convicted ShopLifter"

  1. This is false information, I manage Target Optical. Second all employees go through extensive background checks for convictions of shop lifting.

  2. I just looked her up myself and she pleaded guilty twice to criminal misdemeanor shoplifting. With that said, that shouldn’t mean she’s unemployable. Hell convicted felons are able to work in the health care field.

  3. Those brows are a goddamn tragedy. That’s the real crime here.

  4. We all have a past. She shoplifted and got caught who really cares? That girl approached me at Target last week to let me know they have a vision store there now and told me a little information on it and gave me a free sample lens cleaner. She was very professional! And no, I don’t know her personally but she does her job well!

  5. And Tracy Samantha says they do extensive back ground checks for shop lifting…. Arrest records don’t lie…

  6. Not that it matters but is she a he? Like our comments and emails are getting blown up about it… I kinda see why

  7. She is doing much better, She s a good person and is doing everything to take care of her daughter.

  8. Somebody call RuPaul. This drag queen needs help.

  9. Snarky McSnark | October 18, 2017 at 10:15 pm | Reply

    Is this even the same chick as the other post? I..I’m confused. Snarky needs his safe space..

  10. What in the entire fuckkkkk! Oh myyyyy
    Brandon Heim Jesus

  11. Whoever did her brows should be FIRED Immediately!

  12. This is one of those rare times when I’d be willing to give this girl a pass if i ran this website. After all it’s been a couple years since she got into any kind of trouble and she is working now instead of leeching off us taxpayers. I don’t understand why she is being profiled and yet the local whore/escort that goes by the name of courtney has had her profile removed from this site. How did that happen?

  13. Her eyebrows are drawn on because she has this ocd where she pulls all her hair out lol

  14. Are we sure it’s a she and Tonya your parents need fired for having you nasty hoe lmfao

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