New Berlin You Guys Just Have All The Weirdos Don’t You?? Man Accused Of Selling 4 Year Old For Sex!!

Meet Adam Turley currently in Houston originally from New Berlin

Mr. Turley is accused of a crime that is unthinkable, sick, no good, nasty, disgusting!  Andrew Turley was arrested on charges of trafficking a child and compelling prostitution.

According to sources when his charges were read out loud in the court room several people gasped out loud in shock!

Prosecutors in Harris County Texas say Mr. Turley advertised on Craigslist offering a 4-year-old girl in an ad that read, “Play with Daddy’s little girl.”

According to the district attorney’s office, when investigators found the ad they responded, and exchanged more than 60 emails with Mr. Turley. Eventually, they met at his apartment and agreed to pay $1,000 to Mr. Turley.

Assistant DA Ann Johnson said, “The defendant offered two hours with a child younger than 10. When officers arrived they discovered the complaining witness being a 4-year-old child who appeared to be under the influence or in a groggy state, also appeared to be unclothed under the blanket which the defendant exposed to the officer at that point he was arrested.”

Mr. Turley’s bond is set at $1 million.

We are glad to report the child is safe at this time and it does not appear the mother knew what was happening.

New Berlin was also home to an alleged peeping tom earlier this year. Click here to read more about that situation..

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25 Comments on "New Berlin You Guys Just Have All The Weirdos Don’t You?? Man Accused Of Selling 4 Year Old For Sex!!"

  1. What a piece of shit…is he dead yet..?

  2. I hope someone makes him their bitch and sells his asshole in prison.

  3. This just makes me sick as hell.

  4. The thing is it’s not his daughter! He has a 2 year old son that lives in Illinois but has a daughter on the way that he will never see! He’s in Texas

  5. Pray for the baby, Texas will put him where he be abused daily!

  6. It doesn’t matter if it’s his daughter it’s still a 4 year old victim. I know it’s shocking to those that knew him but the evidence is pretty sound in this. Saying it’s not his daughter does not make the crime any better. When I heard this I wanted to puke!

  7. Sure is Angie! He’s military from what I’ve heard from people who knew him.

  8. I never said it was any better I was just saying it wasn’t his meaning it’s actually worse bc it was someone else child that he knew and they trusted him. And he has a daughter on the way and I’m sure he never even thought how it would make him feel if someone did that to his child! I’m ashamed to say I grew up and graduated high school with this sick bastard

  9. And yes he’s in the Army which is why he’s in Texas. That’s where his base is so he’s definitely going to be kicked out of the Army and could be prosecuted through federal courts as well and go to a federal prison

  10. They said he’ll be facing life if convicted.

  11. Sick fuck!! Hope he gets tossed around as everyone’s bitch in prison!!!

  12. I hope this was the first and only time that the child was put in that situation. Makes me sick.

  13. I hope someone smash that peace of shit in jail

  14. once hes in jail theyll take care of him .there was one sicko that had his victims name aswell as the worf revenge carved into his forhead! theyll get him!

  15. What a sick mf hope god punishes him

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