NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH – Jasen Michael Manuele

Everyone remembers What Has Jasen M. Manuele Been Up To Recently? Same Old Stuff… Still In His Mom’s Garage! Still Looking Stupid! Springfield Never Changes… I’m sure…

Recently there has been a flyer floating around the Springfield Area about Mr. Manuele alerting his neighborhood and the entire city even about this man.




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31 Comments on "NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH – Jasen Michael Manuele"

  1. He’s got an upcoming court date. Another OP/no stalking order against him.

  2. It doesn’t say how he prostitutes at the train station

  3. Just heard he’s in jail

  4. Anyone kno what he got arrested for this time???

  5. Lol he’ll be getting served also, sweet

  6. They better give his crazy ass some time

  7. With 2 felony violation on order of Porte tion he will get time they don’t play on those

  8. I saw a post about this guy this morning saying he was in jail with no bond for violating a no stalking order. I don’t know him and have never personally had any run ins with him, but I see his name so often in such horrible things. This guy needs mental help it seems and I was glad to see he is in jail with no bond that seems to be where he needs to be!!

  9. Diane Seelbach | December 23, 2015 at 4:32 pm | Reply

    Well aren’t you a lucky gal Lynn..I couldn’t even begin to reveal what’s on my phone right now that I showed the cop and I don’t even know this dude. If you haven’t been tormented by this idiot just consider yourself VERY LUCKY

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