Nasty & Hostile In Springfield! – Top Cat Chill n Grill!

What is the worst thing you can do to ruin a horseshoe? Oh that’s right use nasty old grease, that makes the fries soggy and horrid tasting.

To top it off lets yell at our employees so loud in the kitchen (belittling them) to the point customers can hear out front…

Hey at-least our server was nice and took care of us well, even though im pretty sure she was the one getting belittled and came out crying…


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45 Comments on "Nasty & Hostile In Springfield! – Top Cat Chill n Grill!"

  1. Oh it’s a fucking dump.

  2. Really went down hill fast

  3. I call bullshit. I was there just a couple of weeks ago and it was clean and we received great service

  4. I ate there about a year and a half, shitty food

  5. last time I was there, I had fried chicken. It wasn’t cooked. I sent it back. All they did was dump it back in the grease and fry it more. Then it was over done and couldnt be eaten. They also charged me $9 for a mixed drink. They said since they didn’t have a button for it on the register, this is the way they have to do it. It was Vodka, Cranberry, & Red Bull. It came in a regular size glass. Won’t catch me there again.

  6. Thomas Perry didn’t you use to work for these ass hats? I remember you telling me some horrid story about the owner back in the day.

  7. I used to like going to the one on Stevenson, it isn’t there anymore. Haven’t been to the new one. Always loved hearing the crazy lady stories from Amber Jack Alehouse

  8. The meatloaf sucks, but The horseshoes are decent.

    As for service, they’ve always been nice. Can’t comment on how they treat employees, but that’s none of my business, really.

  9. I worked there for a couple weeks in the old location the owner is a mean crazy bitch always yelling always belittling all the staff worse environment I ever worked in treat the staff good if you go cause they are dealing with hell

  10. I go there 2 times a week. Sounds like an employee is just butt hurt. The foods great and frys are never soggy

    • This is from our staffs personal observation today. No employee.

    • I don’t know you but thank you, they have done a great business for 18 years now and if there were so terrible , I don’t know how they’d be open after this many years. Check your facts before you post fully!!!

    • Lori Antonacci just posting our two cents from observation today

    • Post it and the owner will do what they need to do as don’t defame businesses that people have worked all their lives to build but..consider the source!

    • Lori Antonacci you had yourself a bad review once… “Had a WONDERFUL waitress who patiently waited on our party of 30! Had a horrible experience with the “manager” (term used loosely), who happens to be the owners sister! She was RUDE, and called me a “skanky wh^re”! Yes, you read that correctly! Why, you ask? Because their credit card machine was down! Our wonderful waitress went to each person and explained what happened. Most everyone just paid cash – not a problem. Another family in our party was asked to write down their name, address, phone number, CREDIT CARD NUMBER, expiration, AND 3 digit code from the back. Understandably, that didn’t happen. Our waitress said it was not a big deal and to come by in the morning to pay. All was well. Then, the “manager” stormed up YELLING that if the bill wasn’t paid, she was calling the authorities! Trust me when I tell you that paying a $55 bill WAS NOT a problem – however, her lack of customer service skills were!! A $100 bill was handed to this manager – by me! And, that same $100 was THROWN back in my face followed by “take your money you skanky whore”! Mind you – she wanted the bill paid, no problem…so WHY throw the money back and belittle a customer?? Her bother – who he identified himself as the owner – said he didn’t understand what the problem was, as there were multiple customers coming back the next day to pay. He followed that with “she’s my sister, so there’s not much I can do about her”! REALLY???? Best of luck making your business a success with that type of HELP and no reasoning! And, yes – the $55 bill was paid and OUR waitress was tipped $20 for having to work for such a disgraceful person!”

    • Lori Antonacci defamation is not merely telling a side of a story that someone observed personally.

  11. Do you have a place that shows people with warrants over there?

  12. Shitty even for shitty bar food and owner is an ass

  13. I ate there once. How do you fuck up shitty bar food? They do

  14. If I were you I’d take this down as it’s not true and these people have built this business and worked hard to do that. Sounds like a disgruntled employee to me.I would watch what you are doing because businesses can contact attorneys for defamation.

  15. I’ll be sure n contact the business owners and let them know the next steps that need to be taken.

  16. It’s a local family run business taking pride in ownership and community. Everyone and anyone can have an off day.

  17. Any proof of actually eating at Topcats today. As a regular customer that horseshoe does not look like one I have seen there before. Without actual proof you were indeed at the business today this seems merely like a fictitious attempt to deface a family owned business with little or no evidence.

  18. Lori Antonacci, you go girl! I think it’s a wonderful establishment. It’s clean and food was always good !

  19. And if the owners of this establishment have any doubt they can glad review their footage and see a hamburger horseshoe as pictured was purchased at 1230pm today.

  20. You people act like if someone had a shitty experience at this place they can’t post it …its not against the law to do it , its called a review , everyone does it.

  21. It looks clean but if you read the comments it’s not very clean the food is shity in the owner is an asshole

  22. Have you not seen the help wanted ads they put up? Even those are unprofessional and kind of rude. I can’t remember what it said, but saw it and thought “maybe they’re just keeping it real” but after reading this, they’re obviously just jerks.

  23. If this is true…how is this different from working in any other restaurant? For real

  24. Kerri Jackson Ben Jackson

  25. They hire pedophiles.

  26. I personally love their food ! Th cheese sauce is the best and the waitress was nice .

  27. Robert Stevenson | August 23, 2017 at 10:55 am | Reply

    Lol. Lori Antonacci is butt hurt that someone doesn’t like a restaurant that she. Get a hobby…

    Movie critics must get sued every time they don’t like a movie!

  28. I ate there once and ordered the Buffalo Chicken pony shoe. It actually came with buffalo chicken wings underneath the fries.

    I thought it was funny and asked for another one. The owner’s wife came to our table and asked if I had ordered chicken wings as an appetizer. I immediately realized she was saying this was somehow my fault.

    In the end, I got a dried piece of chicken with some buffalo sauce on it, and some shit fries too. We never went back.

  29. Garbage and betty is a mean horrid person . and her husband has no backbone

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