Narcissism today “How the devil is stealing our children”

This is my daughter Hope Rodriguez. This is her mother Joleen White/Barnes. Joleen has alienated her from me for almost 10yrs now. In 2015-2016 Hope was raped by Joleens present time husband, David Barnes. The second of three daughters this has now happened to.Joleens first daughter, Lynneal Feagans, was the first victim by husband #1, Joe Holsinger.Joleen is a narcissist.She lives out her life in 5-7 year intervals. In that time she will do the exact same destructive pattern and move on to her next supply. By destructive pattern I mean she finds a supply, manipulates, and exhorts them. Methods used are parental alienation(child abuse) which the results of that have been child molestation and rape, twice. My daughter, Hope Rodriguez, wasraped continuously over a period of a year. And yet Joleen was “unaware?” That indicates gross negligence on a parent.They were taken in by a family from church for almost a year. With her husband in jail and our daughter in counseling, Joleen takes to the streets having an affair with a teenage runaway. Of course denying it and lying to me and the family she was staying with. After being caught in public having sexual encounter by Livingston city police she was evicted from the home. Now homeless staying at a saafe house, my daughter now has to deal with being a rape victim and homeless. And the only thing Joleen is worried about is her image.Per the family she was staying with ( Andrea Urias) she is teaching our daughter how to hate, steal, and lie. So I attained counsel. When Joleen found out she left in the middle of night and moved to Springfield, Il. The counselor calls Joleen a narcissist and suggests she has some kind of mental illness. She moves from place to place doing the same thing with the same results. And she’s doing it again now. If you notice any strange behavior from Hope, this is what she’s dealing with. If something should happen or you need to reach me : 936 239-0935 or Parental alienation is child abuse, my daughter has suffered all her short life due to this. Yet this is what society accepts today. I have seen first hand the results of this. Now I hear from her family members that she is using meth with her daughter Megan Feagans. Megan was the first daughter to be raped by Joleens husband. She has already been to prison and also is a parent alienator. This doesn’t bode well for Hope. Joleen has self mutilated(cuts) herself when she is being exposed as a liar. Why? I don’t know. She has spent time in several mental hospitals. Kingwood Pines Kingwood, Tx being the last. This is the future my daughter Hope is facing. Already a rape victim, and now isolated, she is continuously being brainwashed and conditioned to erase me from her life. But even worse, she’s being denied better opportunities for her growth all to satisfy Joleens narcissism. Hope is being raised to be a narcissist and a parent alienator. And the fact that society accepts and condones this behavior makes me sad for her.
Please look into this. I’m available to speak with you.

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  1. Sounds like a terrible situation. Prayers are with you. I hope your family can recover.

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