my new man

Just wanted to let all you haters know I got a new man here’s his picture don’t be hating on him he’s got a big cock

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6 Comments on "my new man"

  1. That’s some funny shit right there!!

  2. GET A LIFE SUCKERS | August 10, 2018 at 7:26 pm | Reply

    ha ha ha….. hey are you borad with your life? is this why your paying so much attention to mine? but i do say that is some funny stuff …. but still your hiding your idenitiy right, who scared oh yea you are …. are you jealous awe … come with the facts or sit on the side way …

  3. Yep! Your family disowned you too huh? Facts of lif for snitch bitches and losers like you. Tell us all, When did you start liking having sex with your brother? The first time or the second? I’m betting the first time.

  4. That’s spelled “Bored”, you dumbass, illiterate, fuck wad! Yeah, your family hated you at social gatherings!

  5. dont you have a life? why are you trying to be in my life for? you have no idea on what your even talking about. my Family nor my life is not open to conversation, you make me laugh on what your claming you a circus act all your own. its funny how your still not telling us who you are, ha ha you try so hard to figure me out but you cant will never will. and the information so have is public knowlege. wow your smart and yet dumb, have you any bussiness of your own? oh no because your so busy in trying to find out what im up to next, obviously your another hater who does not have a life. you should try to find one before you get any older and die… dame i must be doing something right for you to always guess on what im uo to next. ha ha this is way to funny … stay tuned it gets better ….

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