Multiple North Side Springfield Cell Phone Robberies, Springfield Police Taking No Action… BEWARE!!!

Recently we brought you the story

iPhone Robbery – Online Marketplace Sale! BEWARE!!! READ!!!

Well after we ran that story it has been apparent it was NOT a one time ordeal. SEVERAL people have reported being robbed by the same group of people of their phones when going to meet someone off the Facebook Marketplace/Groups.

According to the victims that have came forward this has all been happening in the North Grand area of Springfield Illinois between 1st Street and 11th Street, at business like Mcdonalds, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Quik N Easy, and Shop and Saves parking lots. In our count over 10 victims and over $5000 in theft.

But the Springfield Illinois Police Department has done NOTHING to catch these criminals. I mean its rather easy here, they are targeting cellular phones, and asking to meet in certain area of town. You would think it wouldn;t be hard for the police to setup a buy/sale…

Heres what we know so far…

These are the suspects….

Some of them reside at…

Here is the thing, not only are the stealing money, and phones. They are then turning around and selling the stolen phones again online and getting more money from another victim.

They are using multiple Facebook Accounts and names though so be on the look out!

Sooner or later since the lack of Springfield Police taking action, someone is going to end up shooting one of these kids and then its really going to be a problem.

Lets be careful this holiday season!

People remember you use safe locations like the Springfield IL Police E commerce Exchange Zone!

Check out the video below, it explains the E-Commerce Exchange Zone in detail!


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7 Comments on "Multiple North Side Springfield Cell Phone Robberies, Springfield Police Taking No Action… BEWARE!!!"

  1. Typical ni**** shit lol.

  2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…remember what your parents/grand parents taught you…if it is too good to be true, you’re gonna get fucked…not in a good way. Maybe my version is a little bit skewed but you get the drift…use your brains people

  3. Snarky McSnark | November 29, 2017 at 4:32 am | Reply

    North 4th? Y’all do realize that’s Cracktown Corner right there, right? The only thing drier than their chapped lips is their ashy-ass skin. Them motherfuckers got the cleanest carpets in town cause they’re on they hands and knees looking for another hit. Don’t be fuckin around over there, been more than one shooting right in that block. The police aint going in yet, they’re likely building a case against that entire house.

  4. Snarky McSnark | November 29, 2017 at 4:35 am | Reply

    as far as them fucking around and getting shot- some have already. the life expectancy on any given one of them is for shit. if it aint a bullet, it’ll be prison soon enough.

  5. Whoever made this need to contact me at because I’m one of the “supposed to be criminals in the pictures above”

  6. Just wondering | December 18, 2017 at 7:47 am | Reply

    Did they catch these guys?

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