Mr. Delivery (Formerly Known As Abe’s Takeout) Owner Has An Anger / Criminal Problem Eh!? – Tyler J. Gansky

Meet Tyler J. Gansky 1701 N. Albany Springfield, IL.

You may know Tyler from his huge ego, or his ownership of the local restaurant delivery service Mr. Delivery Springfield, IL.

Mr. Ganksy was recently suspect in a Felony Criminal Damage To Property Complaint.

At first report, it seemed the suspect would have gotten away with it due to poor video and lack of evidence…

Hell even the Detective closed the case, wasn’t much that could be done…

Oh, we did mention Tyler has a big ego right…

Damn report says “Tyler Ganksy suckered punched his son at a downtown bar”. Why do all Springfield drama always end up over some slut?

Tyler “is not scared”…

But his ego is so big he needs cameras and refuses to open the door…

Damn there is that ego again. “Bragging to him that he had also been arrested once before in Missouri at college for drug trafficking.”

Well it wasn’t really drug trafficking, but sure whatever his ego wants it to be… We will discuss this further in the future.

Lucked out no Felony… But did get charged with the lesser within.

12 Months of Supervision not to bad eh? But convicted all because of his big ego!

Interesting very interesting… More to come especially on those burglary, theft, and drug arrests!


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27 Comments on "Mr. Delivery (Formerly Known As Abe’s Takeout) Owner Has An Anger / Criminal Problem Eh!? – Tyler J. Gansky"

  1. Lol is this supposed to make me care?

  2. What does this lady have to do with it?

  3. What a dirt bag you are for including his mom and their addresses. They have careers. One with the Il State Police. You just fucked your self.

  4. We love user comments, but if you are going to write several comments under different names, at least use different ip addresses, because else wise we will just delete them all…

  5. And just be yourself, no reason to pretend to be other people, just to help make your position sound better…

  6. You are the Jerry Springer of Springfield.

  7. I thought this stupid sight was closed down ..lots of lies and trashy trash .

  8. Bobby Bednarko, isnt this ur boy??

  9. November 17th, 2011 – Tyler J. Ganskyof 301 Campusview Drive, use or possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia, distribution of a controlled substance near schools.

    More to Come 😉

  10. Oh well. I’m still lazy and they still deliver food from a plethora of places. Rage on Mr. Delivery.

  11. John Hollowman | June 27, 2017 at 10:56 pm | Reply

    You keep changing this post which bumps it and is super-annoying.I get that you have an axe to grind, but maybe save all this new stuff for a later post with more wallop rather than just editing this one over and over.

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