Money Hungry CRY-Stal “Crystal Annlouise Page” Shut Down In Court!

Remember Crystal “CRY-STAL” Annlouise  Page from Crystal Annlouise Page, Let it Rest! (November 11th, 1993 Harold “HP” Page III Murder)?

Well Ms. Page here is back in the courtroom pleading for money.
On 08/01/2016 Ms. Page filed a Third Party Motion for Bond Turnover in a case she was not party to.
Little did she know that the bond was already given to an attorney on 05/12/2016.
The Judge did give her a day in court though on 8/22/2016, and she lost miserably.

Crystal, give it up we know you are a broke hoe but just stop. You are far from a lawyer, and clearly have no idea what you are doing as Pete has told you numerous times.

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