Missing Springfield Teenager! HELP FIND HIM SAFELY

Sangamon County Authorities are currently looking for a missing young male from Springfield.

Reports are coming in he was last seen around Iles Park area in Springfield.

If you see this young man please contact the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office at 217-753-6666!

Lets bring this kid home safe TONIGHT!

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40 Comments on "Missing Springfield Teenager! HELP FIND HIM SAFELY"

  1. Pray he is found safe.

  2. Eddie is this little Eddie?

  3. I seen him the other day riding a bike with two other boys but I can’t remember where I was when I seen him

  4. I just seen him a couple hrs ago walking down ash no shirt on with a back pack… I wish I would have known!!

  5. Name would be helpful

  6. His name is Eddie He goes by “Lil Eddie”

  7. Thank u yes we k ow he is in ash when the cops go over there he slips into a house over there

  8. And im gonna add a story on her about the mother on here patricia hall.we want to thank u for being the dead beat mother you are all little eddies life you have chosen men over your son and that is the problem.then give you the benefit of the doubt and let you try to build a relationship with your son and he is on social media selling guns and drugs and let me tell u something if you were anyway involved in that a will have you throw in prison and trust me you know what that is like because,your a piece of shit and have been in there how many times.this os my town patricia hall and by the way the dead beat works at darcys if you would like to go tell her what,a dead beat she is.she is,trying to ruin this childs life but let me tell u something i will not let that happen.ugh your just pathetic and we got u this time.i bet your fire cheif from st louis cant help you out of this one.my mama to me never to hate someone but she made an exemption with u everytime i see you i thing of the day you tried to hit her,with a car.everyone if you see patricia hall please tell her how pathetic she is

  9. And fyi i know everyone reads exposed if you are hiding mystep son in your house you will also go to jail.and patricia hall it u even look at him you go to jail.

  10. Pray he gets home safely

  11. That’s Eddie! I’m his bus driver. The kids said he was living with his brother.

  12. i wonder if all the cash he’s flashing has anything to do with his disappearance.

  13. nuya fb prob does his egg doner patricia hall had him selling drugs and guns from her home so yeah hope nothing happens.

  14. I just want to let everyone know my stepson is not a thug even tho his egg doner is trying to turn him into one.he comes from a good family he is a good kid that just needs some guidance in his life and to keep his doner away.this is the real little eddie a fun,loving kid that loves his sister.and i know little ddie is seeing this so please little eddie you need to call your sister and let her know you are ok she is sick over this.

    • I can see that you love your (step)son very much and I hope he comes home safe. No parent should have to go through this.

  15. Prayers he comes home safe!!!!

  16. Oooooooooomg! I hope u guys find him! Sending prayers jenny!

  17. once again im gonna let fb know if eddie is coming to your home telling u he is not safe at home that is not true at all and tell him if he feels so unsafe u will call the police eddie doesnt want to come home because he wants to run the streets.we are not bad parents we are parents that love our child and just want him to do right in life and once again i will press charges if we find him at your home.

  18. eddie u know damn good and well u have it good so y your running around telling springfield we are so bad we dont want to go into what the real problem is

  19. i dont care how bad my stepson hates me right now i need to find him if anyone has any infoo please please get ahold of me please

  20. lol cunt haha so funny i bet chris cheif of the fire department would love to see the drugs and gun pics posted from your home.let me give his boss a call

  21. Eddie: why are you hiding out? Please PM me and let me know you are safe.

  22. First if all…Patty…you should seriously kill yourself. If you were any kind of mother to him DCFS wouldn’t have taken him away when he was just a baby. Plus you would have custody of one of your other 6 kids..nasty ass bitch. You ain’t about shit as a mother or as a woman PERIOD! YOU let him run the streets and sell drugs and guns in YOUR home (got pictures to prove it) and you fucking MORONS wanna say she’s a good mother to Eddie??? Why? Because she buys him material things and let’s him do whatever the fuck he wants? That’s not a good parent. Fools. Yall need slapped upside your heads. Lil man…if you ready this..don’t be a lose like your egg doner. You got way more potential than that. You think selling drugs and flashing guns make you look cool but it dont. Trust me..everyone know you ain’t about that life and that your faking it. It’s making you look like a follower. You need to be a leader! Be better. Do become another statistic. Do good in school. Work hard. Cuz I PROMISE you..you won’t last a day in jail!

  23. ok well as being a very worried parant i have to make this huge decision i said earlier if my son is at your hour house i will press charges.but for tonight if he comes and needs a safe place to stay i really dont want him on the streets.he has not been found yet but i want to thank exposed and all the 100s of messages keeping track of him and all u girls telling him to get his ass home.alot of prayers would be nice to keep him safe tonight

  24. yes im about myself ive been up been looking for my stepson!!!and by the way his fucking name is not the boy.and if u know nothing about his mom then shut up or ill send her ass to your house and she can do nothing but cause trouble to u and your family for 14 years.u must be another great friend of hers.pretty funny for 14 years not one of you people have stepped up to help patty become a better mother.no let me guess your running your fucking mouth and have no idea what u are talking about…give up.if she dont like it tell her to get an op not take one oot and never show up

  25. Is this the patty hall that stole credit cards and money from wendys and all thise restraunts and got aways with it????i know many people she has taken from.she should not have 7 kids.

  26. Does anyone know the manager at bennegins at the hilton she will tell u all about patricia?or what about mark newman?or what about cynthina dont know her last name but she was married to a paris?

  27. Stop deadbeat moms | June 11, 2016 at 10:52 pm | Reply

    Yes her name is Patricia Hall she is on her last ride & then she goes to prison for life. She works at D’Arcys Pint now. I will not be boycotting D’arcys pint from this point forward. The manager at D’Arcys TJ said “he doesn’t give a shit if a child is missing” those were his exact words. I can’t wait to find out she’s having sex with TJ to cover her from robbing D’arcys Pint blind.

  28. BOYCOTT D'ARCYS | June 11, 2016 at 10:53 pm | Reply

    BOYCOTT D’arcys pint! They don’t care about missing children or the fact that they have a dope dealer working for them

  29. Patty has been sleeping with people at places And robbing them for years.i was friends withhusbandfor about 3 years until she slept with my husband.i watched her home for about 3months

  30. Sorry i was friends with her and she slept with my husband.when i was watching them I seen so many men in and out there and in the process i seen a boy in and out of there with friends getting on bikes

  31. I usally dont comment on exposed but if you are anyway involved with this woman just know she will tear your family apart.and im living with something for the rest of my life because of this woman all you men that have been involved with patricia hall in the last 5 hall need to go get checked.i really hope this little boy gets a chance at life.i will pray for involved.i myself will make a dcfs report to the knowledge i have of this woman.

  32. He is staying with a kid name jaime wilson at his grandmas house and his grandma is aware that he is a run away.and his mom also knows he is there.

  33. The mothers name is jessica underwood they are aware eddie is a run away if you know any of these peoples where abouts please call 217-753-6666 they are harbouring a runway and this is againSt the law.and contact his family

  34. How do you report somebody missing without knowing their name. This makes no sense.

  35. he is home safe and if you looked his aunt put his name in the comments.thank u everyone


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