UPDATE – 11/16/2015 9:56PM Springfield IL Police Are Reporting She Has Been Found And Returned Safely Home!

The Springfield IL Police needs the public help!

13 year old Isabella Gutierrez has been missing since Saturday.

If you have seen or known the whereabouts of Isabella please call the Springfield IL Police at 217-788-8311 immediately.

Below are a few pictures of Isabella

IsabellaGutierrez IsabellaGutierrez1 IsabellaGutierrez2

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27 Comments on "MISSING CHILD ALERT!!! SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS!!! – Isabella Gutierrez"

  1. 217 Problems we need your help, well the Springfield Police need your help!

  2. She’s only 13 and is on the northside of town.

  3. Holy crap she looks older than 13

  4. Says she been missing since saturday. Yet she commented on her facebook sunday

  5. She’s a runaway. She’s been active on Facebook, but we can’t find her.

  6. 5:30 sunday afternoon to be exact.

  7. The police aren’t doing much.

  8. Meghan Lessen we spoke with a shift commander and they have an open investigation while it all unfolds is what we were told.

  9. Why hasnt this been on the news??

  10. Yes, I know. It’s my niece. My sisters daughter. We’ve been in constant contact since yesterday.

  11. Jonathan Hughes it won’t unless they announce foul intent or danger.

  12. There are so many things I don’t understand…like why can’t the police track the IP address that she was active from.

  13. I’m pretty sure someone said she was with her sister or something

  14. Yes, and how do we know that she’s not in danger? She’s been out all night in Springfield at 13 years old, for 3 days.

  15. Isabella just came home.

  16. She just showed up at home!!! I think all the shares and fb shares helped!!!

  17. OMG!!! Such great news!!!!!

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