Miss you

Any ladies met this handsome guy before? Is he safe? He contacted me so I want to make sure he’s cool

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13 Comments on "Miss you"

  1. Snarky McSnark | April 8, 2018 at 8:14 pm | Reply

    He’s totally cool, just ask the other 18 chicks he’s screwed over. 😀 Truthfully? How about a face? This isn’t enough. Need the full facial reveal if you want the lowdown showdown prize package!

  2. Herpes lasts forever! Wrap that shit!

  3. I slept with him he’s ok

  4. Did em twice he don’t use rubbers

  5. I see him couple of times he cool but wrap it

  6. He was ok I met him last year nice guy freaky as fuck too

  7. He called you a skank sexworkerp

  8. Leave him alone | December 26, 2018 at 11:01 pm | Reply

    Who posted this? The comments are false as fuck! He’s married & has kids. Let’s here how many women have had him? I don’t believe any of you

  9. Met up before at his place he nice but he got a wifey that will call and cuss you. Delete your history on your phone man. I would fuck him again

  10. met Recently don’t need the whole pic he a regular with the ladies and shit I took that money
    Easy to chat with and yea he’s a freak and I’m gonna take his money again.
    Jerry or Kerey
    Safe and likes to fuck but too much texting

  11. Wouldn’t ya know, I know this guy from work & bet his wife would like to know he fucks escorts. He’s a dick and funny I may pass this on to his wife now. Now let’s see who laughs last

  12. I’m humiliated thank you all & I love this man with all my heart & I don’t believe any of you!
    To the Iron Worker, my husband’s a hard worker and always gonna be above you but thanks for your input. Maybe if you would put this much effort into your job you would get noticed. Maybe you should fill out a “Hurt Feelings Report”
    To the trash bags that claim they slept with him prove it or shut up. Bet every last dime I get no real proof

  13. Ironworker do your job and he won’t have to be a dick
    U are just some pathetic grown man who can’t do his job

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