Michael Fleshman Isn’t Happy Is He!?! LMFAO

Guess Michael Fleshman (2404 Gillespie St Springfield, IL 62704) wasn’t happy about being on SpringfieldILExposed LOL. Punk ass bitch deactivated his facebook fast!

How old is this little peon? Can he grow facial hair!?

Its okay, we can still stop by his house, anyone got any tiki torches? Wooden Crosses?

Nice Car 😉

Blowjobs for legal services, infected blowjobs at that lol SICK!

WOW… Kids LOL – N

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1 Comment on "Michael Fleshman Isn’t Happy Is He!?! LMFAO"

  1. Snarky McSnark | October 11, 2017 at 1:24 pm | Reply

    He blows for legal services? Meet Snarky McSnark, Atturnkey at Lawyertown. Here’s some legal service: Stop getting fucking arrested.

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