Men Getting Cheated On While In Prison – I’m Sorry Nicholas Aguilar

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Lately we have been receiving a lot of emails about men getting out of prison or jail, to only find out their wife/girlfriend had been cheating on them the entire time they were gone.

Today we bring you the story of Federal Inmate Aguilar currently serving time in Louisiana in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

It has been brought to our attention by numerous people that his girlfriend has been cheating on him the entire time he has been in custody with multiple people allegedly.  During correspondence with Inmate Aguilar he was made aware of this and plans to take care of it when he gets out in 2016.

Did You Cheat On You Man When He Was Locked Up?

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Have You Been Cheated On While Locked Up?

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23 Comments on "Men Getting Cheated On While In Prison – I’m Sorry Nicholas Aguilar"

  1. She’s been screwing that jasen manuele guy for 4 months now. They deny it but I caught them and my friend seen them kissing in dudes SUV lol

  2. That police wire wearing ass dude! My friend is doing 5 years cause that jm trick snitch.

  3. Good! Fuck that fat piece of shit. LoL.. dude is a coward and deserves to be in jail.

  4. yes she has been messing with jasen and a she was messing with a manager at kmart i thing his name is drake.her and jasen are at the court house together more then ive ever seen.she is sad the she uses her brothers case for sympathy but yet she wasnt even listed in his obituary she is sad poor crystal you and your boyfriend need to leave people alone

  5. They must be feeding him well!! Lard ass.

  6. Her and jasen manuele are definitely fucking I can’t believe he even gets laid. He’s got herpes so I guess Nick will have herpes when he gets home unless he already has it and won’t notice. You would want to hit that after that nasty dude. Straight up man lose her cheating ass!

  7. It’s funny u can call someone a coward but who the real coward u can’t even put your real name lol that sounds like a coward to me

  8. That’s fucking petty as fuck my husband is locked up an he has to do 2 years if u really love someone u wouldn’t do that…loyalty means everything!! I can’t wait til my husband comes home!!

    • Wish my wife thought like that I did 2 1/2 and she cheated I know of one guy she admitted but heard rumors of a Lot more

  9. Shit these hoes be cheating when their man is right down the street at their friend’s house

  10. Yeah if you chose to stay with someone when they got put in prison than there is no excuse you should be loyal. That was your choice to stay with them so you get no excuses

  11. Aww nick… Damn at least he looks to be in good to ok health.

  12. Tad Hildebrand isint this your friend heathers baby dad??

  13. This is my girlfriends brother. Crystal was living in park ridge or view trailer park on North grand down the hill.

  14. Jasen Manuele is such a little pussy bitch. Who would fuck this clown? I guess if you’re ok with fucking a guy that rapes children then you fit in the same category as he does! If he was a man he would come out of that garage & take the beating he deserves!

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