Meet Your Local Racists Lexy Cameron, Abby Benning, and Aloria Williams

Wow! Check These Hoes Out!

Here is the story…

Wow… Keep It Classy Girls… #DamnItFeelsGoodToBeAGangster! – R

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70 Comments on "Meet Your Local Racists Lexy Cameron, Abby Benning, and Aloria Williams"

  1. And let the shit storm commence!! I wanna hear what excuses they have someone tag them. At least one of them.

  2. Isn’t that the blackhead removal paste?

  3. Alora didn’t know about the caption. Please remove her, she’s never shown any sign of being racist. Just know that Alora didn’t do anything wrong. Sorry for any confusion, I know it’s strange with her in the picture, but she’s innocent here. Lexy made the caption, not Alora.

  4. I’d like to comment and say Alora Williams had no actual part in the racist act. It’s only Lexy and Abby that have been racist in the past before.

  5. I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s true racism! I think it’s ignorance! Trust me I’m not here to make excuses for them but this should be a teaching moment from their parents and community to tell them it’s not right or funny! Blasting them on Facebook is not the answer! Education is!

  6. It’s not cute. They’re smiling like it’s a joke. You wanna be that way behind closed doors so be it. They put it out there for EVERYONE to see so that’s on them. Apologizing means nothing. They can say sorry all they want but everyone will remember this and how they portray racism like it’s a joke.

  7. I’m sorry no one said it was cute! In fact my words were its not right or FUNNY! I take racism very seriously! That’s why I said it should be a teaching moment not a blasting moment! Right now they feel like they are the victims because it’s up on this site and people are going to say mean things about them! When it should be handled in house for them to truly understand what they have said and the hurt that those words can cause! They need to be taught and not lectured by social media or they will make themselves out as the victims!

  8. Who cares. Couple cracker ass crackers being ignorant and someone being a shit starter by screen shotting it.

  9. You know you made your point. But haven’t you gone to far. Racism goes both ways. And blasting them out there like this yes it was wrong and God knows lexy is sorry. This is a lesson she will probably never forget but there young and not thinking how there words affect people.judging them and bashing her doesn’t make any of you any better. We have all said things without thinking.She has mixed cousins my siblings. Lexy is not a bad person and this has gone to far.. God bless you

  10. How come a person is always the problem if they point out what someone else is doing…? Fuck these broads…don’t hate on the person for putting it out. There’s a million hoes out here who don’t use the word nigger on their snapchat, so fuck em

  11. Lol got people deleting their comments n shit…funny

  12. lol nevermind alora was trying to cover herself up. she knew all along. nevermind boys, add the racist back to the list. sorry about that. she should have just admitted and apologized like the rest though

  13. Either that or she blocked me….spelled allowed wrong n everything….stankin ass

  14. Not even concerned with what the girls said…so typical

  15. I take that back actually maybe Alora WIlliams did have a part.

    • I grew up in Hillsboro and sadly enough it is filled with racist people. The parents are worse than the kids.

  16. Shame on you. These are children and your calling them hoes. They said somrthi g stupid. Thank god in our time everything wasnt blasted online or we’d all be in a bad spot. You dont get to call children hoes just because they dropped the n word. That doesnt even make any sense and it makes you look extremly disgusting.

  17. Yes, let’s make the person who posted this n made the caption the worst person…it usually works that way

    • Lol for real.. reading this bullshit is crazy .. tyevactually mad about them being called hoes but trying to justify the fact behind the post in first place
      And they wonder why this still goes on

  18. Girls get….one sentence…poster who called them hoes…8 sentences 🙂

  19. Right.. “Springfield IL Exposed – Exposed Publishing,NFP. –” didnt call them anything! We only shared the user’s post

  20. What the shame of it is is that no one is born a racist it is taught so asking what the parents are going to do about it is probably a lost cause but as soon as someone points out what they’ve done then everyone is sorry you must save face remember education saves lives and every form of wrongdoing if the person was educated on the situation then things might not be so bad

  21. Gabrielle Woods Brianna Nicole Sam Watkins look at this shit

  22. How dumb can u b now a days?!?

  23. She just wants some benefits too

  24. But what if.... | June 26, 2017 at 8:32 am | Reply

    So when black teen girls make comments about crackers are we going to put them on blast? Or is it that only whites can be racists? I am teaching my kids that the n-word is not a race but a lifestyle that is lived, it is NOT based on race. While I do not say this is okay in any way shape or form, we as a society need to teach this next generation, regardless of race, that tolerance is a way of life.

  25. Ignorance is simply not knowing something. It is now 2017, unless you are fresh out the womb, or under 10, everyone knows the power behind this word and “blackface”. This is not ignorance. This is two girls who are probably growing up in households that freely use this word. So to the lady that feels like they need a teaching moment, they probably already had one…here’s your outcome.

    • As the parent of one of these girls involved I can assure you that the word in question is NOT used freely in our household nor has there ever been a teaching moment that included any racism. NEVER! One moment of complete ignorance from a 15 yr old who took full responsibility and apologized profusely. No excuses. And for the record,one of my oldest and dearest friends happens to be a man of color and also the Pastor at my church.Easy to be judge when you already have your mind made up, don’t let facts get in the way.

      • Thank you bob this really is what needs to be seen and thank you for speaking out
        As u see these angry comments and replies.. it’s not personal to your family but just people frustrated to see these kind of things from our future generation and people not able to just do what we do best ( pretend it doesn’t exist!

  26. A social experiment in how what you put on social media can follow you through life lol

  27. Love not hate | June 26, 2017 at 11:18 am | Reply

    Nice, I raise my daughter to never judge and that everyone is her sister…until they take a different position on that. If they are not being a sister and offering her support to walk away. We all need to teach our children peace towards others. So we can live in a beautiful place not an ugly world. These are our little sisters we are to guide them to peace not make more hate.

  28. Don,t give it the attention it wants….
    let it die of ignorance and be history.
    To note every instance of idiocy , only encourages more.
    shit flies both ways across the fence..stay free
    Blacks say just as much as mexicans as jewish as white as asian as everyone else .
    no winners in a race war.

  29. I can’t believe this website is bashing some 14 year olds! I realize the caption wasn’t very cool but come on now they are 14 years old and not truly racists. I’m a friend of the family and I can reassure you these people are not racists lol nor do they condone saying racist things. I hear the person running this page is a guy living in his moms basement who is on parole why don’t you please share with us your story? Why you went to prison? Also why you think running a website exposing 14 year olds in your moms basement is a job? Well it isn’t maybe you should get a fuckin life.

  30. Fucking disgusting

  31. Funny how grown ass niggas are jumping on here trying to play victim on some little white girls. I distinctly remember the shithole formally known as John Hays Homes but 20+ years ago and all those fucking rats and roaches killing themselves for a dollar or a Bulls winter coat. But let’s ignore you dumbasses killing each other in Chicago, East St Louis, Peoria, Springfield and let’s focus on some corn fed 12 year old white girls. Oh, before I forget my dad is black and voted for Trump. No, he isn’t a coin like that Homosexual Obama LMFAO!

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