Meet Tiffani Arnold! She’s from Springfield IL

Meet Tiffani Arnold! She’s from Springfield IL. She doesn’t care if you’re in a relationship. She’ll be your side bitch and keep it on the down low! She’s busted as fuck. She’ll let you and your dudes hit. Don’t mind where she lives. It’s trashy ass fuck and she doesn’t clean. She doesn’t know what a bedframe is. She did just moved up from an air mattress. Watch out for bed bugs tho. If you’re looking for some ran thru loose pussy she’s the slut for you.

Damn Someone Get This “Slut” Some Diatomaceous Earth – R

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2 Comments on "Meet Tiffani Arnold! She’s from Springfield IL"

  1. Haley little is one young dumb full of cum petty ass bitch that needs to learn how play her role if she plans on being with Karl wright.. regardless hell forever be out here fucking tiffani, his babymom Kaylie along with few other bitches..

  2. Snarky McSnark | October 10, 2017 at 6:18 am | Reply

    what the fuck, is this Karl the new crack dealer in town or something? he givin’ out free hits? just wondering, he greasy af but all these dumbass young white girls are all over it.

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