Meet Springfield’s Stupidest Shop Lifter Angela C. Wiser

Meet Angela C. Wiser of 200 White Road Glenarm, Illinois.

Ms. Wiser here must be the stupidest shop lifter in Central Illinois check out the report!

Really… So she not only changed price labels, but was so broke she couldn’t even pay for the items and then just tried to walk out? Dumb ass!

But it gets better…

Even more dumb….

Enjoy those felonies!

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13 Comments on "Meet Springfield’s Stupidest Shop Lifter Angela C. Wiser"

  1. I was in jail with her that night! Very nice lady actually!

  2. She’s an Auditor at the Office of Inspector General (Department of Health and Human Services).

  3. She didn’t do it. Unqualified walmart employees and lazy law enforcement not doing their job correctly.

  4. I go to school with her daughter and her daughter is super nice and Sadie said that her mom is to I was so shocked when I heard this

  5. She didn’t do it and lazy law enforcement? Come on, dude. Get real – she is the only one to blame. She was also just charged with stealing $10K from the PTO in Chatham. (I guess to pay for those pills…).

  6. Looks like she plead guilty to the charge. So she even admits that she did it and didn’t try to fight it. Hate it when stupid people rip on law enforcement or retail workers for no reason. Look at the facts! She plead guilty of retail theft, end of story.

  7. Don’t call me lazy, I’m just doing my job! 🙂

  8. What a trainwreck. Here is the news article from her stealing from the PTO.

    Her husband is cross posted on this site too!

  9. Why women shoplift instead of just bein a hoe?

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