Meet Senior Citizen Abuser, Damien Bruce Hall

Meet Damien Bruce Hall.

You may recognize Mr. Hall as he recently has been running around Facebook calling everyone under the sun a “n+gger”.

Mr. Hall even went as far as threating some of our Administration Staff when he found out he had been turned into us.

Lets take a look at Mr. Hall’s Record.

02/28/2008 Arrested For Misdemeanor Drug Paraphilia & Misdemeanor Possession of A Cannabis.
04/28/2007 Arrested for Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct & Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass To State Land
11/17/2004 Arrested for Felony Aggravated Battery to A Senior Citizen, Felony Residential Burglary, Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest, Misdemeanor Criminal Damage To Property, Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass, & Felony Home Invasion.
11/03/2004 Arrested for Misdemeanor Criminal Damage To Property
08/24/2002 Arrested for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
03/05/2001 Arrested for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
01/02/2001 Arrested for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
02/21/2000 Arrested for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
10/07/2000 Arrested for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
07/30/1999 Arrested for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery.
05/24/1999 Arrested for Felony Burglary.
3/27/1998 Arrested for Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass To State Property.
03/05/1998 Arrested for Felony Burglary, Misdemeanor Theft, Misdemeanor Criminal Damage.
08/04/1997 Arrested for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery, Misdemeanor Theft, Misdemeanor Criminal Damage To Property.

Boy Mr. Hall you got yourself quite a record, glad that it seemed you finally started keeping you hands of women and senior citizens!
DamineHall1 DamineHall2

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37 Comments on "Meet Senior Citizen Abuser, Damien Bruce Hall"

  1. Usually the dumb looking ones are the most violent js

  2. He looks like his parents are related!!!

  3. Omfg Patty J Landess Leone ty, kay is excited cause he always feeds her head w shiz… shes like yes now i have proof

  4. He wants some of Johnny Howard. Lmao

  5. Can you say lawsuit !!!!

    • For what? ROFL.

      • He has that same look on his face (another guest of IDOC) has. He think’s he’s “hard”, but would get the crap beaten out of him if there was a fight. File this one with Jasen Manuele.

        • *My cousin. My cousin, who did get beaten up pretty regularly between 2007 & 2010, still thinks he’s hard. How “hard” can you be when you’re from white bread Sangamon County?

  6. I could’ve went without seeing that face ever again in my entire life lol

  7. Oh boy he’s very messy and a messed up individual..

  8. I’m sure every chick that he’s ever dated will agree

  9. He’s mentally unstable let’s just say that! Hahaa

  10. And that’s being nice lmao

  11. He shouldn’t even be apart of society.. He needs to be in McFarlands..

  12. We banned him from the website and the Facebook page. He can read just not comment, he is a little salty right now lol.

  13. So am I the only one getting messages or is everyone else getting them too?

  14. Hi my name is Damien Hall and I broke into an old ladies house and beat her while trying to rob her. Please don’t believe my criminal record though the Judge Lied!

  15. I haven’t got anything.. I pretty sure he knows better…

  16. Well, he better believe if he hits my line again I’ll have my Daddy pay him another visit and re break his nose for him.

  17. Why is everyone picking on me?

  18. Wonder if he will hit a man or just woman like a bitch

  19. Rhonda Adams Marty Sharp Jared Rogers Marcus Harden Rodney Adams Tonya Adams

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