Meet Keianna Watts – Your Typical Easy, Blonde Skank, & Probably Infected (Beware)… From Sherman/Springfield, Illinois.

Ms. Watts is your typical easy, blonde skank of Springfield, Illinois. Ms. Watts failed out of SIU due to her failure to put down the bottle and recently attended Paul Mitchell’s beauty school for cosmetology. Be careful boys because she’ll spread her legs (and possibly an STD) for just about anyone as long as you feed her some type of drug.

You can typically catch Ms. Watts hanging around the Curve until the wee hours of the morning, at Crows Mill, or the bars of downtown. It’s typically quite hard to miss this character because of the bleach blonde, ratted extensions, caked on make-up resembling a clown, and her prostitute-like clothing (typically wearing only a bra in most occasions).

Aside from being an easy fuck, Ms. Watts is your typical xanned-out coke slut who claims to have money. It is unknown whether she still works at the North side Fit-Club, but beware if you take your children there because 90% of the time she’s still trashed while babysitting your children.

For a good laugh, you can view Ms. Watts’ binges on Snapchat at: keiannamarieee

Or add her on Facebook at Keianna Watts

Can we expect to see Ms. Watts in the near future as one of Deja Vu’s finest?

Typical Springfield Whores… #KeepItClassySpringfield – R

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27 Comments on "Meet Keianna Watts – Your Typical Easy, Blonde Skank, & Probably Infected (Beware)… From Sherman/Springfield, Illinois."

  1. This post is probably sent by someone she rejected…

  2. Usually I get a laugh from these post but this one was a little over the top. Insinuating someone has a STD or judging someone because they go out is wrong. I occasionally go out to bars, defiantly not on a regular basis and I see the same people over and over. Plus telling people where she worked or insinuating she’s possibly a future stripper is wrong too.

    The issue is there is no story here, the real story is the one not told and the reasoning this girl was blasted on Facebook.

  3. Jealousy is an ugly thing….

  4. Isnt this border line slander no story no arrest.
    Why would u prinr this

  5. What are you exposing? HER BUSINESS I mean she’s grown as long as she’s not hurting anyone but herself this isn’t news…ALL The damn child molesters and freaks in this town and damn crackheads that would steal ya draws off your ass and you pick this girl to mess with? No I don’t know her but to me if she wants to live fucked up ok.. Hell she funds herself and keeps a job. She’s not out here selling her ass or spreading h.i.v. Shit who she chooses to spread her legs to is irrelevant. Whoever submitted this is a simple minded person who needs to find a lane to get into. This is garbage to trash someone like this. That’s what we do here for fun? Damn. Come on Springfield it’s all fun and games til someone hater submits your ass. Let’s get some business then some class.

  6. Good for her! I bet she isn’t sitting home alone writing about people she is jealous of or who rejected her like this post. Move on, let it go.

  7. I’m Keiannas mom and none of this is true. She dated a guy who is trying to make her life a living hell. My daughter graduated from school to be a Cosmotologist and she left SIU to get away from the guy mentioned above. But a real thanks to the people who see that it is just jealousy, but for this sight to post something that is furthering his bullying her. Please report this sight so this will be taken down.

  8. Why post stuff like this? Unless the person submitting this has the balls to attach their name I find this pretty ridiculous.

  9. Just the type you love to love , ,, what’s the problem?! Too judgemental.

  10. Get a life…this is ridiculous

  11. I’m thinking there are two very different sides to this story

  12. Sounds like someone’s mad she looks so good!

  13. Keianna is Bae ❤️

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