Meet Katerina S. Reese AKA Karlee Reese AKA Zoey! – Local Escort


This girl has not been charges with any crimes, Though she apparently travels the State setting up Escort Appointments.

To each their own, you can make your own decisions on what happens during these “escort” appointments.

We bring you this story today, to shed light on this young lady. Hopefully the older woman in the industry can reach out and help her get out of it.

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34 Comments on "Meet Katerina S. Reese AKA Karlee Reese AKA Zoey! – Local Escort"

  1. Jenifer Sanders is this the same one from our old neighborhood?!

  2. Take this shit down now before I show up to your house

  3. You idiots are gonna end up sued for slander and other shit if you don’t watch it

  4. Think I seen her at the Peoria riverboat over the summer!!!!

  5. Just because her profile says “sales woman” don’t mean nothing. Lmao

  6. Wow went from heroin…to smoking crack..smh

  7. Should she say rental person?

  8. My kids father alnosy got her pregnant she is so skinny because of all the vicodin and cocaine she does

  9. Wow I use to go to school with her .. Sad

  10. Sets up her appointments in her apartment where she has a child and another heroine addict back page slut

  11. I heard she lives with Courtney Davis. Her friend Lacee moved out early this year and has since gotten herself clean. Feel bad for little boy.:-(

  12. I heard she lives on the south side of Springfield, out by UIS. She has/had a 60+ yr old guy taking care of her. I think his name is Ray or something like that. I bet he doesn’t know that Courtney is there. Lol. I couldn’t imagine having to have sex with a guy older than my gpa

  13. Karle used to stay with my upstairs neighbors. She came along with another girl named Taylor Smith.. they told my land lord they worked for lol.. that’s when I showed him back page.. they were made to leave said apartment and my neighbor got evicted as well.. it was like a turn style door.. men coming and going.. I even found heroin on the porch twice! Walked upstairs to check on my neighbor and Karlee’s boy was playing with a needle. Shame on you!

    • You stupid fat bitch my son has never even SEEN that shit and just for you pulling some stupid shit like that out your ass I’m beating the fuck outta you your just mad because your illegal immigrant of a baby dad was trying to spend money with my girl cuz your 300 pound ass wasn’t doing something right obviously. How come you were constantly coming and knocking on her door trying to be friends? AMD NOTE I didn’t live there and you know that! Ignorant fat miserable lying cunt

  14. Hey girl how much you charge i aint trippin.

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