Meet Jacob Hall, the Career Snitch from Quincy, Illinois

This exposed rat started his snitching career in Quincy, Il. After getting caught with ecstacy pills and more, this little rodent decided to set up 3 of his fellow drug connects to get his charges dropped. He didn’t stop there though! He continued dropping names and moved his way up the ranks until the task force offered him the nifty little job of providing his services in Springfield. That’s right! He did so well rolling people over in Quincy that the feds paid him to do work in the field. All that talking couldn’t completely save him though. He returned to Quincy and managed to get popped for heroin and meth possession back in 2016. After spending a whopping day in jail, he was released and there was no more jail time to speak of. Imagine that! Currently he enjoys his freedom moonlighting as a shitty drug dealer, selling people skimp bags of dope. Id say its safe to say guys, if you run into this two-faced low life, run like hell. It may just save your ass.

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1 Comment on "Meet Jacob Hall, the Career Snitch from Quincy, Illinois"

  1. Good lord man, As if Quincy wasnt bad enough. Hell the stories I hear on Facebook alone are enough to make someone afraid to step foot in the so called “Gem City” more like drama city.

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