Matthew Ray Riley (1858 South Renfro Springfield, IL) – Your Local Racist, Meth Head, & Snitch!

Meet Matthew Riley  of 1858 South Renfro Springfield, IL 62703.

You may know Matthew here from his “work” with all those annoying stupid gas powered bicycles around town.

You may know him from him and his white trash fiance dropping the “N” bomb, seems kind of odd with them living smack dab over on the east side…. (Some people are just that stupid).

Or hey you may know Matthew from his “work” with the Springfield Police Department and getting probation after sitting only a few weeks in the County Jail on Meth Charges…

Mr. Riley was arrested for Participation in Meth Manufacturing & Possession of Meth on February 10th, 2017, and was formally charged on February 15th, 2017.

On March 2nd, 2017 “Defendant waives preliminary hearing. Information filed and Defendant wishes to enter plea of guilty to Count II, METHAMPHETAMINE POSSESSION, a Class 3 Felony. Defendant advised of rights and possible penalties and knowingly waives same. Plea of guilty accepted. Judgment entered on the plea. Pursuant to negotiations the Defendant is hereby sentenced to 30 months’ probation. Defendant is sentenced to 21 days Sangamon County Jail, credit for time served awaiting trial. Defendant to obtain alcohol/drug assessment and successfully complete any recommended treatment. Defendant to pay $500.00 Mandatory Drug Assessment; $100.00 Crime Laboratory Fee; $100.00 Trauma Center Fund Fee; $5.00 Spinal Cord Injury Fund Fee; $25.00 Criminal Justice Information Projects Fund Fee; $20.00 Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Fund Fee; $100.00 Methamphetamine Law Enforcement Fund Fee; $200.00 Street Value Fine; and court costs. Defendant to receive $105.00 statutory credit for time served to be applied towards applicable fees. Defendant to go to probation upon release from the Sangamon County Jail. Count I is dismissed pursuant to plea.””.

Umm can you say SNITCH?

Especially with his intensive criminal background of theft, drugs, burglary, and assault…

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  1. His gf Corinna is a fat nasty whore also fucks n sucks everyone in Springfield

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