Martin F. Piatchek Arrested… BUT NO FORMAL CHARGES!!!

Piatchek, Martin F
Meet Martin Piatchek.

Mr. Piatchek on 06/12/2016 was booked into the Sangamon County Jail for Domestic Battery & Battery.

According to the Springfield Police Martin pinned his girlfriend down on the floor when she tried to leave their trailer. Martin then attacked another female in the trailer as well according to police.

Martin is currently on parole for Aggravated Robbery With Implied Firearm.

Martin was released from the Sangamon County Jail on this arrest with no formal charges being filed against him.

Piatchek, Martin F1

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12 Comments on "Martin F. Piatchek Arrested… BUT NO FORMAL CHARGES!!!"

  1. Whaaaa?!? Makes no sense…

  2. Kt Goveia is this marty?!

  3. Yeah that him this will be his second domestic that I know of cause he got one on me when I whooped his ass an my own cause he drove me that crazy

  4. Hes lost a shit ton of weight

  5. Yeah he did it’s all the drugs

  6. He lost all that wight by doing drugs he a real fuckin winner.. But is in court battle right now trying to take someone’s kid that ain’t his.. He was in prison when the baby was concieved.. I tell you his a real fucking winner.. And them drugs are fucking him up frfr..

  7. Unfortunately he was given the chance to fight by being allowed to sign the birth certificate hope that judge has enough common sense for that little boys sake

  8. Unfortunately she was high as fuck on morphine when he signed the birth certificate and didn’t realize what he was doing.. We all been there and had a kid… But i hope and pray the judge see that his a real pos and don’t let that baby go with him to.. But im sure the laywer is on our side so hope it all works out in the end for her… Cause really he is a work of art with all the drugs his doing… And nothing else to explain it’s fishy cause he is the fucking police’s ci…

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