Man Passed Out In Springfield IL Walmart Parking Lot After Allegedly Huffing Dust Off!

Drugs are rampant now a days, but some of the scary ones you don’t even have to call your dealer for…

Check Out the below video that was recently filmed at the Walmart Springfield – Lejune Dr.

It appear the man huffed some dust-off that he most likely had just purchased inside that Walmart.

Reports in 2005 about teens dying after inhaling the chemical difluoroethane from a popular computer-cleaning spray known as Dust-Off called widespread attention to the practice of inhalant abuse. Then, as now, the product Dust-Off itself was not the source of the problem; it is only one example of hundreds of common household products with the potential to be abused by inhalant abusers.

Inhalant abuse (commonly called “huffing”) is the intentional inhalation of chemical vapors to attain a mental “high” or euphoric effect. A wide variety of substances, including many common household products, are abused by inhalers (see list below). The 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) revealed that the primary population of inhalant abusers (68%) is under 18 years of age. Although inhalant abuse is declining from its peak in the 1990s, it is still a significant problem.

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8 Comments on "Man Passed Out In Springfield IL Walmart Parking Lot After Allegedly Huffing Dust Off!"

  1. Man, i caught some shoplifters at Meijer one time and they were huffing that shit in the store the whole time while stealing video games and clothes. They were falling asleep in my office while the cops were talking to them.

    Side note, if you are buying duster, feel how much it weighs first, lol.

  2. They o so quick to check your receipt even after watching u check out & pay……apparently ap should walk the lots too

  3. My store found a kid dead in our dumpster area od’d on that shit…not how you want to go out people

  4. I hope the person who recorded that called the cops.. That guy needs some help. And possibly some jail time to think about his actions.

  5. BlkCadillacDave | June 19, 2016 at 8:24 am | Reply

    I know who that is and he’s been arrested 4 times in the past month for retail thefts and use of an intoxicating substance;inhalants. Unfortunately, the laws haven’t caught up to this problem yet. He was out on OR 3 of 4 times. All very minor misdemeanors (theft of $10 in duster) and apparently, neither the SA, ASA’s, nor the judges noticed him coming back every 4-5 days or maybe they would’ve kept him. One of these times he’s not gonna wake up. The rehabs had a wait and jail wont hold him. I don’t know what else to do. Were all very afraid he’ll badly hurt himself, but were absolutely terrified he’ll hurt someone else….possibly driving (he usually does it sitting in the parked car but he has done it WHILE IN MOTION!)

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