Man Attacked At Sangamon County Fair During Aaron Lewis Concert By Fair Goers And Sheriff’s Department!


Several users have wrote in that during the Aaron Lewis concert at the Sangamon County Fair there was a fight between a man who was carrying his passed out pregnant wife and several other fair goers. Then the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office stepped in and assaulted the husband as well. To make the situation worst Mr. Lewis even stated something along the lines of encouraging the fight.

The Husband and Wife are both in a local emergency room, the wife due to complications from her passing out from the heat, and the husband for injuries sustained from the incident.

The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office did detain a gentleman who “started” the fight, but released him shortly afterwards.

One user reported seeing a Sangamon County Sheriff’s Deputy hit the man on the ground around FIVE times in the head.

More will come soon!

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118 Comments on "Man Attacked At Sangamon County Fair During Aaron Lewis Concert By Fair Goers And Sheriff’s Department!"

  1. April Boward Jeff Boward

  2. Aaron Lewis did not encourage any fight…who ever reported that is stupid

  3. I am so pissed off about this this was my sister and brother-in-law and there was no reason and no point that he should have been assaulted by a police officer for doing nothing wrong other than trying to help his wife out!!!!! The police officer in mention that struck him should be fired immediately!!!!!!

  4. Dude was still trying to fight the police while surrounded by 8 of them outside the concert gste. Yelling, screaming in their faces everything.

  5. *NOTE* We were not there… This was sent in by 5 different people, so we felt just to be safe we shall share those users submissions. Likewise it is confirmed that a husband and wife were taken to a local hospital from the Sangamon County Fair this evening. More will come to this fresh developing story.

  6. Passed out pregnant wife. REALLY

  7. He didn’t encourage anything just saying what he seen, why’s a pregnant girl passed out

  8. Aaron Lewis did not encourage anything, I was there n not drunk

  9. Sounds like some Jerry Springer shit.

  10. If I was pregnant and passed out someone better call an ambulance instead of taking me to hospital by POV for a 40 minute drive..

  11. I was there. All Aaron Lewis said was that the guy was a knucklehead for fighting the police when there were a lot of them and a spot light on them. I couldn’t see what got the cops over there, but there were like 8 of them that escorted him out in handcuffs and 2 women were walking behind them following them out.

  12. Guy got scrappy with a couple other guys and decided shoving and pushing was right way to act. He was told and asked to stop before he was grabbed by Sheriff. He was aggressive and pushed a sheriff and that’s how that goes. Non-story.

    Aaron Lewis didn’t encourage fighting. Told him he was a dumbass for fighting cops.

  13. How does one get “pushy and scrappy” while carrying a passed out pregnant wife..? sounds like his hand were pretty full already.

  14. So many nasty and judgmental people here! Does nobody understand what a pregnant woman goes thru especially in heat like we’ve had? Why does everyone automatically assume the woman was drinking?!? Do you drink when you’re pregnant? From the sounds of it your mom’s drank an awful lot while pregnant with you! I cant believe the ignorance with some people!

  15. Aaron Lewis wouldn’t encourage any fight. Fake ass people making this shit up

  16. That dosnt sound like aaron lewis at all!!!

  17. All this page does is spread stories that most of the time aren’t true. Nothing is confirmed of this story so posting it without every piece of info is an awful idea. All you’re doing right now is spreading rumors and starting fights, as you can see in the previous comments.

  18. Aaron Lewis called him a dumbass while he was being attacked on the ground trying to protect his pregnant wife. I was there I heard it loud and clear.

  19. This doesn’t sound right. Lick creek I know, wouldn’t encourage a fight and I’m pretty sure neither would Aaron Lewis.

  20. That’s bullshit we were there too.

  21. This don’t surprise me a bit as sangamon county and state police don’t even care at all about citizens at the fairs. Hope all is well.

  22. Apparently we missed something Lorie Bahl Monroe

  23. I was there and the artist did not encourage it.

  24. 5 minutes of Facebook fame. Was it worth it?

  25. I wasn’t there but I feel sorry for dude n his wife too all you fucking haters springfield exposed is just doing there job

  26. Here are the videos that I got of everything ^^^^

  27. He did not encourage the fight

  28. I was there front row, a fight started the police and security took care of it properly and Aaron did in no such way promote anything, he told the people to stop and listen to the police, idiots!

  29. Don’t get “butthurt” people…you know this is funny.

  30. Drama! I’m sure the singer did not encourage a fight but also sure that a typical pregnant woman would be smarter than to go to a crowded, hot, noisy and loud concert at that.

  31. Some of these comments lol. Like this one. Why was a pregnant woman passed out? Hmmmm well could be it is hot and she is PREGNANT!!!!

  32. Farooq F Durrani it’s all kinds of crazy back home see what u missing

  33. Maybe fainted is better verbiage than passed out. Idk ijs !

  34. There was like 3 fights while we was there. Aaron Lewis said something about the 1st One there was no guy was carrying a passed out prego woman & he didn’t encourage anything to the police. If you can’t drink & behave in public it’s your own fucking fault!!! You get what’s coming if your going to drink be stupid & resist the police. #supportthelaw

  35. ….#1 well I’ll be the first to say I hope the pregnant woman is ok and is feeling better….#2 all these people on here – were you on house arrest for 9months of your pregnancy …dont judge !!!

  36. So do l. What a joke.

  37. Does anyone think his guy was probably scared and afraid and wanting to get her out of there and get her help!?!?! That would be a very frantic situation for anyone!!! And should the police have helped him??? Did someone assume what he was doing was wrong?? That’s the problem, maybe these people should’ve stepped in to HELP him get his wife to safety!!!!! I’m sure he was scared to death and somewhat out of control due to fear as any person would be in a traumatic situation!!! Wow …. Protect and Serve

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking too!

    • I am sure he was scared and afraid but how did it get turned around to being a fight? I am sure the cops could get her out quicker than him so how did it turn into the cops being against him instead of helping him? I don’t think we are getting the full story that is what I hate about these articles. We can’t form an opinion with a bunch of missing info.

  38. Salim Wali-uddin you see this?

  39. If you pushed or assaulted anyone in a badge.. you deserve your ass beat. Period. They could’ve helped him and his wife. You act like a jackass, you will get treated as so. No police..ever will pick someone out of a crowd and beat them. Gtfoh

  40. Amy Brown Josh Smitty Smith

  41. The cops deserve to be executed.

  42. Who the hell is Aaron Lewis??

  43. Yep. The same shit hapoened to us.. some bitch with Napoleon syndrome kept pushing my husband.. to “protect her partner” and some dumb ass black guy jumped over the fence and pile drove my husband to the ground..the cop that cuffed him said my husband pushed her..yet didn’t arrest him

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