Maleeha Shahid MUGSHOT Released…

Meet Maleeha Shahid…

You may remember Ms. Shahid from Who The Hell is Maleeha Shahid aka Maleeha Khalifaa??? …

Ms. Shahid here has a interesting story from what our readers have turned in, no charges though were ever formally filed with this mugshot.

Ms. Shahid had requested her mugshot, so we thought we’d share it with all of you.

Now remember…

Maleeha was born in 1996! Yes that’s right she is only 19….

If you see Maleeha out at the club, run!

For our industry followers she was born on March 11, 1996! She is not 21!!!!


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25 Comments on "Maleeha Shahid MUGSHOT Released…"

  1. Jasen thinks he’s slick,another fake page to add to the others✔

  2. I heard one of the people running the page has an upcoming court date in November for cyberbulyying and stalking with a history of computer fraud, several OP’s and numerous other stuff

  3. Lmmfao He really thinks we’re stupid,Jasen when you gonna get a fucking life instead of harassing,threatening to rape kids and peoples wives? How many fake pages you gonna make? Get a fucking job and leave people alone,you’re fucking sick in the head…Trust me,you won’t get away with it much longer I promise you that!

  4. Bye Jasen…I mean Jay

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