Maleeha Nawal Shahid Back In Jail For Domestic Battery!

Maleeha Nawal Shahid
Remember Maleeha Nawal Shahid?

From Don’t Shoplift From Hy-Vee – Gabriell N. Baptist & Maleeha N. Shahid
Maleeha Shahid MUGSHOT Released…
Remember Maleeha Shahid??
Who The Hell is Maleeha Shahid aka Maleeha Khalifaa???

Well Ms. Shahid is back in jail for Domestic Battery this time!
Maleeha Nawal Shahid1

On 05/18/2016 (Don’t Mind the Officers Date apparently he still writing its 2015), Ms. Shahid got into an argument with her father. In that argument according to police she grabbed her fathers shirt, spit in his face, and scatrached his lower left arm.

The Judge ordered a $3000 Cash bond plus the $3000 Cash Bond Warrant out of Pike County, and no contact with her father.


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17 Comments on "Maleeha Nawal Shahid Back In Jail For Domestic Battery!"

  1. When Mia Khalifa goes bad

  2. Looks like a common whore

  3. Chelise Slater Keisha Penny broooo

  4. Damn Daniel Samantha Smith

  5. Isn’t her father a judge? Or just the same last name?

  6. Everyone always thinks they know so much and a common whore? Please find your life

  7. Sierrah La’Flare yes she is as crazy as we make her out to be. I mean catch next weeks story about her stealing from Tilted Kilt

  8. Lmao . Oh my goodness .. Her dad is abusive though . As fuck.. So can’t blame her for it but still she can’t stay out of shit

  9. & seriahh shut cause cause you whore your self . Get on some where

  10. She lied to everyone and said she was just there for a warrent and she was going to have her dad bail her out. The police didn’t let her use the phone however so she bitched about it for fifteen hours. Someone almost beat her ass because of it. One week you’re reading an article about Maleeha Khalifa, the next week you’re in jail with her. Fml. Lesson learned.

  11. Shes a thief a hooker n abusive but she’s a good person i hung out with her a couple times

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