Make Up Your Mind Do You Mind Or Not Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Director Michael Walton…

As we are still awaiting many requests from the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office we thought we’d bring you some rather interesting news.

First off the Sheriff’s Office stated they are spending around $7500 a month in overtime just to handle our requests here at Springfield IL Exposed, but we are still waiting on requests from 09/27/2015? And we have only ever received any records after 5pm one time? Never have we received anything on the weekend? Oh and this overtime must only be for Michael Walton as 97.98% of our records responses are issued by him.

We did ask for overtime sheets from August & September, but we have yet to receive them.
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Take a look at the above February 2014 video talking about the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office and Michael Walton in regards to FOIA Requests.

Michael Walton told Nexstar Broadcasting in 2014 that “I spend extra hours every day at work because I have to keep my regular work done plus Freedom of Information.” Walton says he doesn’t mind because he thinks people should have access to public information.

Hmm the arguments Mr. Walton made to them seem like the same arguments he has making about us. The difference is we are not inmates asking for each others mug shots. We are a Non Profit News Organization seeking information to disseminate news.

I guess the best way to sum this up is in our opinion is, if you are only asking for a little bit of records and you don’t embarrass the Sheriffs Office they have no issue giving them to you. If you are an inmate, or you ask for a lot of records, or you embarrass them they don’t take it nicely. They even go as far as wanting Lawmakers to revise the law for them.

We think Local Attorney Don Craven sums it up perfect, “That’s the cost of democracy and despite those financial burdens, the provision of public records remains a fundamental purpose of our form of government. In other words, do it.

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6 Comments on "Make Up Your Mind Do You Mind Or Not Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Director Michael Walton…"

  1. it is a real shame he wants to conceal public records! what is he hiding? this is America a free country and the government is not supposed to operate in secret! Open government means open records amirite?

  2. if we don’t have open government we might as well be living in Russia or another third world nation, in my opinion it is very un-american to withold public documents

  3. and the excuses about not having the ability to get the information out doesn’t wash. Is this america or not? if it is a question of money or manpower then make rich people pay more taxes!

  4. SMH at Michael Walton IMO he is a Communist who withholds secrets becuase of THE STATE. that’s all I’m saying

  5. Its clear that sangamon county sheriff’s department is hiding things. You have ferro messing with prostitutes, Wes wooden flirting with females in 2009, David howse raping females while on duty, donna scroggin lawsuit over Ron Yanor. Those are just some things that got out. What else goes on behind closed doors?

  6. …and Tony Libri and that other politician who got shot up in Chicago, ended up in the Chicago river….Tony Libri walks free. There’s some shady/scary shit that goes on.

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