Macon County States Attorney Jay Scott, PLEASE NO MORE SEX OFFENDER PROBATION!!

Mr. Scott we encourage you to consider not offering Sex Offender Probation to people who have harmed our children sexually or attempted to do so!

Macon County States Attorney’s Office – Jay Scoot
253 E Wood St – 4th Floor
Decatur, IL 62523
Phone 217.424.1400
Fax 217.424.1402

Monday – Friday: 

8:30AM – 4:30PM

Remember we brought to you the story Springfield Man Arrested After Driving To Decatur To Allegedly Solicit a Minor For Sex! – Evan Grider last week?

Mr. Grider is currently behind bars in the Macon County Jail on a $65,000 bond (he needs $6525 to walk out the door), on charges of Indecent Solicitation/Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse.

This is not the first case we have brought to you that came out of Macon County, remember AUBURN ILLINOIS BEWARE! Sexual Predator Benjamin EL Watson is nearby! ? Mr. Watson was sentenced to Sex Offender Probation out of Macon County!

Express your concern to Mr. Scott and tell him not to allow Case Number 2015 CF 001408 D 001 to plea out to Sex Offender Probation!!!

Get these creeps off our streets!!!

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