Local School Leaves Kids At Mcdonalds Alone! – Little Flower Catholic School Springfield IL

Our friends over at 217 Problems had a rather interesting story shared with them today.


 So wait a minute they just left the kids at a public food establishment? How do you not count kids leaving?

We reached out to the school for comment and no on would publicly give a comment.

If your child attends this school make sure you follow up and demand action!

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15 Comments on "Local School Leaves Kids At Mcdonalds Alone! – Little Flower Catholic School Springfield IL"

  1. I’m a parent there, and yes, we were all notified about the problem with the children being left at Mc Donald’s. The Principal is taking it VERY seriously and I’m sure will be implementing protocols to ensure nothing like this happens again. I can say my daughter has been going there for 7 years and we’ve had nothing like this happen before.

  2. This is 2016!!!!!!! Im thankful these kids were not taken by someone!! And props to whoever called the damn school!!! Whichever adult should instantly be fired no questions asked!! And they need to be charged with child abuse or neglect or something!!! And should never be allowed to work around children ever!! Best believe if it was my child i would sell my soul for $ for a lawyer!!!

  3. Kadie. fyi.. from yesterday

  4. This really pisses me off .

  5. Glad my child doesn’t go there!!!

  6. You know I don’t like this.. Bc I’ve never had any issues and I’ve never heard anything about anything like this ever happening. And the thing that bothers me the most is that this is a really great school with a really great preschool program. And it makes me wonder how many other schools/preschools this has happened at but we don’t hear anything bc the schools name wasn’t mentioned. It makes me sad really. Of course if it was my child id be livid…. But id hate for this to deter any one thinking about sending their children there. they’re really aren’t a lot of full time preschool options out there (in my option) worth a damn. Thats all. But like I said I’d be extremely upset!! So upset!! No question. It sucks that the comments I’ve read on the page of the lady who originally posted it were all negative toward the school. The whole school shouldn’t be punished for the horrible mistake of a teacher. It made me really mad to read what ppl were saying. don’t get me wrong I’d be pissed. But I wouldn’t hate on the school or rip my child from it either. (Biased I guess, being a graduate from there myself and having a third grader there. Not to mention I plan to send my other children there as well. I hope Little Flower can grow. As I’m sure they will.

  7. Why did they call the school? I know of two teachers who work there who won’t call McDonalds and give them a chance to fix a messed up sandwich before calling corporate.

  8. Three years ago, my son was left at White Oaks Mall by Franklin Middle School

  9. I’m trying to figure out what the hell hamburgers has to do with this situation.. But seriously, the new principal is a good man and will take care of this business. Everybody is spewing vitriol at the school for this, which was a horrible situation for sure, but when 186 leaves kids on the bus almost every year you seem to forget those situations..

  10. becky-you’re not very bright. district 186 has nothing to do with the buses. it is a privately owned company called first student. wow. know something about the topic before you reply.

  11. Nuys fb, why don’t u calm down and shut the eff up..those two entities might not be related but the point was made…effin dick!!

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