Local Pet Grooming/Daycare business abuses employees, commits tax fraud

The owners of Suds N’ Pups the Springfield Il pet grooming and dog daycare business are in some big trouble, because their illegal actions, poor choices, and abusive treatment of employees have caught up to them.
In January of 2018 employee “A” had informed Paula Weathorford (owner of S&P) and her husband Kurt Schoenweiss (an employee of S&P) that she needed surgery to repair an abdominal hernia. Employee A had previously informed her employer about the existence of the hernia, mentioning it as a condition she was born with, that had been exacerbated by weight gain in her past. Employee A had an appointment for a consultation with a surgeon, and scheduled the corrective operation for mid February 2018.
The morning after employee A’s appointment with her Dr. Paula & Kurt responded to this by attacking employee A, accusing her of lying about the medical condition. Employee A defended herself, questioning the accusation and what evidence of wrongdoing her employer possessed.
At that moment Kurt became completely irrational, & violent, screaming at employee A that she was “trying to pull something” “has always been against us” & “was conspiring against them”. Then he put his fist in employee A’s face, threatening to hit her while continuing to scream at her about her supposed dishonest behavior. Kurt had previously grabbed employee A by the arm and yelled at her, claiming she was doing something wrong. Kurt also accused employee A of fabricating a doctors note from a few weeks prior, when she missed work due to a stomach virus.
Employee A quit immediately, due to discrimination and the escalating harassment she had been subjected to over the previous months.
Employee A checked with Il Workers Comp Comission: Paula had cancelled Suds N’ Pups worker comp insurance policy during 2017-illegally-and failed to reinstate it for several months. Apparently the owners of S&P believed that employee A was as dishonest as themselves, and would file a work comp claim for her preexisting condition against them.
Employee A subsequently turned Suds N’ Pups in to the IRS for tax fraud after Paula failed to pay out federal tax withholdings during 2017. Paula choose to try to call the former employee an Independent Contractor for at least 1 quarter of the calendar year (2017) in order to avoid being obligated to make the payments of taxes-which had been withheld from “A”s paychecks- and late payment penalties.
While employee A never witnessed animal abuse during her 18 months in Suds N’ Pups employ, the harassment and outright physical violence she was subjected to is grossly unprofessional, and unacceptable in any place of business. Employers have a legal, ethical and moral obligation to provide a safe work environment free from threats of or violence against their workers, as well as, you know, not stealing from them…

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  1. How can you say “employee A” when her last name is listed several times on the police report? Try harder next time

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