Local Media Bashes Local Bar For An Incident That Happened Outside Of The Bar…

News Channel 20 out of Springfield reported yesterday of a “Stabbing” outside of The Curve Inn in Springfield.

Boy oh boy does that headline on your morning news scare you of going to that establishment. Springfield IL Exposed Investigates though before we just put a local business on blast.

News Channel 20 Reports “One man is recovering from a stab wound after getting into a fight at a local bar. It happened in the 3200 block of S. 6th Street early Friday morning. Few details are available at this time, but we know one man was stabbed in the hand at the Curve Inn in Springfield. Police say they responded to the call, and when they got to the scene, they found that there was a dispute in the parking lot. That’s when they say one man got stabbed in the hand. They tell us he was defending himself. The victim was not taken to the hospital and does not have any life threatening injuries.”

Sadly the definition of “stabbed” is only “to be violently pierced“, so TECHNICALLY he was “stabbed” possibly. As many report it was a defensive wound that he obtained during a fight. Its up to you to decide if you classify that as being violently pierced.

Now we polled 30 people today on this and when asked when they hear someone has been stabbed do they relate that to the person going to the hospital. 95% of the people polled responded yes, they all interpret being stabbed as a serious thing.

After speaking with several witnesses to the incident it has been reported that there was an altercation in the side parking outside of The Curve Inn Friday Morning. The altercation was between 3 adults and one of the adults suffered what many reported as a “paper cut” wound to his hand. The 911 call came out as a stabbing which naturally drew the attention of several police agencies and the local TMZ Style Media Reporting from our friends at News Channel 20.

Now The Curve Inn has changed a lot over the years, and questionably is the one of the safest bars in the city. A review of police dispatch logs do not show much activity going to their address now adays. Several Patrons we talked to say they feel much safer going to the Curve than some of the “downtown bars”. A look at some of the Police Call Logs for several downtown bars were widely invalid because of the fact the police are always in the area and respond without being called out. Never less we don’t receive videos like this one  from a Downtown bar, ever come in from The Curve Inn.

This isn’t the first time Local Media has labeled a bar in a news article that could easily hurt the establishment. In May of 2014 The State Journal Register Newspaper reported a man being stabbed to death behind a downtown bar. The newspaper did though contact the bar owner and get his comment BEFORE releasing the news. In that incident it was later proven the deceased had no connection to that bar and just happened to get stabbed in a parking lot behind it.

At the end of the day The Curve Inn in our opinion from looking at reports and talking with patrons is a safe, fun, friendly, and inviting place for many types of people to meet. Oh I also hear their food is really good to! So don’t let the local media scare you away from a great establishment.

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14 Comments on "Local Media Bashes Local Bar For An Incident That Happened Outside Of The Bar…"

  1. Yes, very safe. Not because of security, it’s because most trouble makers stay downtown or elsewhere.
    It’s a great place to go.

  2. morgan murawski | November 14, 2015 at 5:00 am | Reply

    Love this place…my mom’s good friends with 2 of the owners..it’s one of the funnest and safest feeling bars in springfield…don’t let what people say scare you away from there ! It’s awsome !!

  3. The Curve is the friendliest bar in Springfield. Customers are all friendly as is the staff. Management has fostered an atmosphere of respect us and respect our other patrons or leave and don’t come back. You’re all famiily. If you haven’t been to The Curve I suggest you go. See you there.

  4. Love The Curve!! Wonderful place, great entertainment, great staff, great place to enjoy with friends!

  5. Channel 20 wasn’t the only news source to report on this incident. I’m sure a FOIA request will answer the claims of a false story.

  6. My opinion the news stations and paper five too much attention to negative n need to focus more on positive. The curve Inn is one of the safest bars in Springfield and when I go out i go there. Great job curve inn!

  7. Really? Even of someone got seriously injured I would still go…. its not the bars fault… the curve has been my 2nd home for some years now.. the staff is amazing and so are most of the patrons. Dont let a few stupid people make this bar look bad

  8. It’s not like it’ll Hurt their buisness. The curve is always poppin.

  9. Every time I go there I see fights

  10. Bob McAllister | November 14, 2015 at 9:37 pm | Reply

    I threw darts there for years. Never once seen any fights. Always a good time.

  11. Fuck the curve, burn that bitch down

  12. I was in there in probably 1998 or 99 though. Somebody got stabbed in the heart and killed my some crazy drunk chick that time. Me and everyone in there got served subpeonas that time.

  13. This place needs closed down it’s dangerous to have drunks around drunks hell you minding ur own business and a guy comes in stabbing someone 8 times and you and 4 guys even asked around for him yelling where’s drake sooooo I agree burn this bitch down

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