Local McDonald’s Franchise Fighting A Fake News Story About Worm In Chicken Nuggets

Local Mcdonalds Owner-Operator Chris Jeffers talked to us today about how a local social media fake news article has damaged  his business.

The above-photo has been shared around stating it came from the South Grand McDonalds in Springfield. This photo is actually from a 2015 News Posting (Click Here To Read) and has NO connection with Springfield Illinois at all.

Jeffers said he tried to reach out to the local facebook page asking them to remove it and was faced with a brick wall. “When I asked him to remove the post because it was fake and offensive and is damaging our local business, he refused and then removed all my posts that refuted his claims to the comments on his post trying to protect his fake news story”, said Jeffers.

The chicken nuggets are good in Springfield don’t worry, in fact I am eating some right now from the South Grand Location. Remember they are open during their remodel and plan to be completed with the remodel by September 1st.

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16 Comments on "Local McDonald’s Franchise Fighting A Fake News Story About Worm In Chicken Nuggets"

  1. They fuck up my order every single time I go there so fuck em

  2. I worked for mcds over 25 yrs ago. Never order mcnuggets or ice cream or shakes

  3. Thus was from the past and from some other state!

  4. This reminds me of the recent false allegations against Knights Action Park. I hope everyone remembers that just bc you see nonsense on FB does NOT make it true. McD’s is an affordable, quick and popular choice with the kids on those busy activity filled school nights when there’s no time for cooking.

  5. those aren’t even worms, they look like veins or tendons…

  6. If I can’t tell what part of the chicken I’m eating, I’m not even going to touch it.

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