Local Man Accused Of Rape, Then Child Molestation… No Formal Charges….

A few readers wrote in about a local man sharing his very interesting and violent past…

He was investigated for Rape several years ago, then few years later investigated again for attempted child sexual abuse.

No formal charges ever came of either incident. One reader wrote “Mommy & Daddy covered the first incident up”.

Springfield Exposed did get ahold of the police reports and boy are they interesting.

This man apparently hasn’t had any more run ins like this in the past few years only DUI and Domestic Issues. We spoke with one of his former girl friends and she is scared to death of the man. She told us of events happening where he would not only inflict physical pain to her, but also would do self mutilation things to his own body.

Should this mans very violent past be brought to light even though he was never formally charged?  We thought we would bring it to a poll with you the readers to decide!

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4 Comments on "Local Man Accused Of Rape, Then Child Molestation… No Formal Charges…."

  1. Gonna stand up for civil rights here – this guy, whomever he may be, has a right to privacy. He has never been convicted – this doesn’t even say he has been charged. May seem like a loophole if mommy and daddy are rich and bail him out, but rights are rights.

  2. Innocent until proven guilty!! Lol

  3. Better be able to prove what you say about him or at least have good lawyers. Reporting real crimes is one thing, slander is another.

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