Local Man Accused Of Not Understanding “No” – Corey A. Cearley

Meet Corey A. Cearley

Mr. Cearley has been sent into us on several different occasions spread out over the last few months.

What really caught our eye is that for over 2 hours Mr. Cearley pretended to be other people carrying on a conversation with his self in our comment section. Check out the below PDF’s of this craziness.

Comment Page 1
Comment Page 2
Comment Page 3
Comment Page 4

Naturally after reading the 2 hour plus conversation it made us wonder why would a man take the time to do all that…

A few weeks after those comments we received an email from an alleged victim of Mr. Cearley. She was very scared to even talk to us as she thought we were friends with him and would “harass and intimidate” her. We finally convinced her that we had no idea who Corey was and that no matter what that we will report on a subject no matter the personal connection.

We spoke to the young lady who said that she had dated Corey on and off for a long time. That she ended up breaking up with him after he allegedly one night forced her to have sex with him. She stated to us that he allegedly left her in the middle of nowhere when she said no to him and he allegedly forced himself upon her. She stated she did go to the authorities on the incident, but no formal charges came of the allegations.

The young lady told our staff that she lives in “constant fear” of Corey and his “friends”. She stated that after she went public accusing Corey of forcing her that his friends and him have allegedly been harassing her constantly to where she has had to file several police reports.

We attempted to reach out to the local police agency handling the reports and due to the sensitive nature of the accused crime they could not comment to protect the victim and the investigation.

You may remember Corey was also briefly mentioned in his girlfriend’s story Sasha Dunn COME ON DOWN!!! You are the next to be Exposed “The Dirty” .

Several emails came in talking about Sasha and Corey together. Naturally we all found out in the Sasha story that she had plenty of issues herself. Then you throw Corey in there and boy oh boy is it some crazy shit.

This mugshot you see from Corey in 2009 stems from an arrest of Felony Disorderly Conduct & Felony Mob Action!

Though Corey has not been formally convicted of any crimes, its clear when several people write in and talk about similar stories that something is more than likely going on. We bring you this story as a reminder everyone is not as they seem on the surface. Remember the old line of don’t judge a book by its cover? Church going people have dirty sides and pasts too.

Beware guys! Take your time to fill in your Corey Stories below in the comments or in our email box.

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22 Comments on "Local Man Accused Of Not Understanding “No” – Corey A. Cearley"

  1. Who turned him in HOPE RAGO

  2. Tell that bitch she ain’t see rape yet!! Ever heard of the little girl who cried wolf …. Yea bitch better think about it! Tell HOPE she ain’t safe No where not even on YOUR SITE!!

  3. 216 Kenyon …. Hmmmmmmm

  4. Little blue van or black trail blazer… Lmfao ask her what her lawyer thinks of her and why he dropped her ass???

  5. Not that we stand on either side nor confirm who you may think the story came from but my recommendation is not to threaten someone on here just my two cents though

  6. And the bitch ain’t left no where the bitch just got served my op on the 26th but hold up she’s been outta state….. Bahahaha Springfield exposed your gonna make yourself look horrible speaking upon her

  7. I don’t see where they “spoke upon her”

  8. You need to look up hope rago on circuit clerk. She is outa state hahaha she has been constantly harassing me, and everyone I know. Ain’t nobody got time for that

  9. Weird.. I just read all of those PDF files.. It reeaaallly sounds like that’s Sasha talking.. Doesn’t sound like things a man would say.. Either way, they are both batshit crazy.. And no where does it say anything about Sasha’s yellow ass nasty teeth!! Ever wonder why she doesnt smile in pics? Lol..

  10. The fagan’s should have a storey written on them Tara A. Fagan killed herself and her son walked in on her hanging, the brother Eric Fagan murdered Jade Ostermeier and is in prison for life, and Marc A Fagan who had jade murdered for him just recently overdosed to avoid prison time for a woman he almost murdered. Nic Hylton is Marc’sa bestie and he might have had a hand in jade being murdered. a storey should be written on them

  11. Ridiculously yellow..

  12. pffft!! yea right lol!!! I dont believe that for a second

  13. Wow…I’ve grown up with this kid and yeah, no whoever she is, she’s a fucking tard!!!

  14. Blonde732 who in the fuck are you? HOPE? whoever you are shut the fuck up. Marc didn’t have jade and his own daughter killed you sound like such a stupid bitch. There don’t need to be a story about the Fagans! You know nothing about Marc obviously! Cause he already GOT OUT of prison. He didn’t fucking OD to advoid anything. I’d really like for you to quit hiding behind ops and facebook. Lil bitch

  15. This is completely false

  16. I agree false accusations

  17. Samantha Hylton | July 14, 2017 at 11:41 pm | Reply

    I grew up with Corey. he was like a brother to me all this shit is false. so is that SHIT about marc and my brother. blonde bitch needs to get her SHIT straight.

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