Local Mainstream Media Bashes Illinois Department of Corrections!

Good evening everyone!

Sorry things are running a little slow right now in our digital news room. With our backlog of record requests not being filled by the county, and their continued acts of bad faith in not fulfilling them.

Today we are bring you a funny story on how a simple mistake can really change things up.
Local news media outlet WICS News Channel 20 did the above pictured story on a Cook County Correctional Officer accepting bribes in the jail.

Sadly though WICS decided to use the Illinois Department of Corrections Badge in their story..
The above image is the Cook County Department of Corrections Badge…

Several of WICS’ Readers reached out to them in their comment section telling them to correct it and it was never done.


The Illinois Department of Corrections have enough of their own issues they don’t need you blasting them for something they had nothing to do with!


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