Local Dog Groomer Accused Of Animal Cruelty At Petco – Robert Hofstetter

One of our readers wrote in to us telling a very alarming story about some animal cruelty happening at the Petco Store here in Springfield by one of their groomers.

On 10/9/2015 around 6:00pm our reader was shopping at the Petco Located at 2721 South Veterans Drive on Springfield’s Westside when she heard a horrible sound on her way into the store in the parking lot. As she looked around she stated she saw a groomer dragging a large Afghan dog by its ear and lifted it up on the table by the side of its neck and ear! She then yelled at man and called the local police.

When The Springfield Police arrived they wrote in their report that the groomer was just trying to make the dog “comply”.

Our reader wrote in “He admitted to pulling the animal by its ear and side of its neck yet the officer stated he did not see if as abuse! This poor dog was screeching and whimpering and the man never stopped! It makes me sick and I’m angry at the officer for his lack of action and condoning of this cruelty.”

According a simple search on social media this isn’t the first time Mr. Hofstetter has been accused of animal abuse/cruelty.

According to the Petco Store Manager the dog in question in this was Mr. Hofstetter’s own dog! Our reader expressed a very alarming concern as well, “It scares me how he treats them at home if he can be so cruel in public!”.

We reached out to Petco for comment and they have yet to get back to us.

We were unable to make contact with Mr. Hofstetter either.

Click Here To Read The Springfield Police Report!

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16 Comments on "Local Dog Groomer Accused Of Animal Cruelty At Petco – Robert Hofstetter"

  1. Someone posted about this on on of the for sale pages and said the groomer was the dog’s owner….not condoning it, but wondering if it was his dog or not

  2. I shop at the other pet store. Good thing, too, because if I’d seen that happen they’d be writing another report for Human Abuse.

  3. I hate people who are cruel to poor animals

  4. Danielle Choutka-Osgood

  5. Disturbing, as he was named in the Illinois Times best groomer category several years ago.

  6. It would have been awesome if the dog would have bit him

  7. He had several complaints against him at Petsmart which is why he went to Petco. My friend took hr schnauzer to him for grooming and he beat it with the trimmers and damaged it’s eye. Petsmart paid medical bills. He’s a worthless human being

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