Local Business Burglarized, Lets Catch The Suspect!

PLEASE SHARE! Anyone recognize this guy? He broke into a business last night off Dirksen Parkway (by Clear Lake Ave)over night and there is an award if you have information leading to an arrest! Looks like he has a last name of “Blue” or a nickname and has High Jump on the back of a track sweatshirt. If you have information please message Matt Gietl #justice

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14 Comments on "Local Business Burglarized, Lets Catch The Suspect!"

  1. We have found out who this gentleman is and as of right now there is an arrest warrant out for him. This hit Facebook last night at 10:00 and in less than 24 hours social media identified him over 20 times. Thank you so much

  2. Snarky McSnark | August 25, 2017 at 10:40 pm | Reply

    was it Mark Boggs? Enquiringly nosy minds wanna know.

  3. No its not him its someone else

  4. is it Broc Dodd? looks like him!

  5. Mark A Boggs | August 6, 2018 at 2:28 pm | Reply

    Jim Wells you wish! Now I would suggest you keep my name out of your mouth…you gotta pass once!
    Now excuse me while I return to my 400 thousand dollar home and my 10 grand a month job

  6. Sabrina Bruce thats what cowards do. Funny thing is NOBODY ever says shit to my face lol and we all know why

  7. Mark, you are a bitch! You don’t have a job so quit playing! Food stamp cunt! Drop another dime and you will be like your mother! Glory Hole for hire!

  8. I think Bree could suck a golf ball through a garden hose! That tan locks like nasty ass water from your mothers vagina! Hair style screams “kill me, I’m decreapt nasty ass! Time for the retirement home “hoes are us!” Your vagina is now listed as nasty taco pussy!”

  9. Mark, you are a weak coward bitch! That’s why your family never invites you to holiday dinners. They are ashamed of you and embarrassed to be seen with you. Your family and kids hate you, but keep being you! Someone might like you! A crack whore, your mothers aunt, your pedophile uncle, …..oh fuck! Who are we kidding! Everyone knows you’re a shit stain and a pimple on the ass of the community! Please don’t have kids! You’ll doom them to be just like you! Shit!

  10. Relax! Bree is the next contest for the next episode of “Leatherface!” and she dominated her Taco Lips to the study of “Degenerative study of decayed vagina!” We can smell you from here! NASTY!

  11. Mark is a proud recipient of Hepatitis A,B and C! Herpes 1,4, and 12! And Syphlis “reoccurrening”! Congrats hoes! You just got the HIV!

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