Local Bar Throws Guest Out For A Fire Hazard Costume!?

Over the weekend there was an incident that really bothered a few of our readers.

A local bar (Dockers in Spaulding Illinois), was holding a costume contest with the prize being $1000 cash.

A customer spent hours upon hours making a costume to be told her costume was a fire hazard and that she had to go. They didn’t give her a chance to even explain and then wouldn’t let her back into the bar to tell her ride that she had been kicked out.

Not a fine way to treat a veteran of our country let alone a customer that spent hours making a costume to try and win the prize.

Here is a picture of the costume what do you think?


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43 Comments on "Local Bar Throws Guest Out For A Fire Hazard Costume!?"

  1. But one can be a whore and wear next to nothing while being a std hazard and no one bats an eye lol

  2. What the hell is she even supposed to be..??!

  3. That’s a Riverton/Spaulding people for ya I’m embarrassed to be from that town

  4. It not classy place at all pretty gross bar

  5. Aren’t most people there drunk and yelling at people?

  6. Downtown Julie Brown | November 2, 2015 at 7:44 am | Reply

    Why do I suspect there is more to the story?

  7. This is my sister Shannon Stevens, she spent a lot of time making this outfit and she is Malificient from the disney movie. I think this was bullshit all around. Thank you for sharing this!!

  8. So funny!!! Ya that’s the story!
    How about this- I work there- was SOBER and saw the whole thing.
    yes her costume was pretty cool. But you can’t go walking around in a crowed bar on stilts with wings that are about 5 ft wide… Drunk…. Or least appear to be drunk… Unable to stand up, or move through the crowd.
    Not to mention she assaulted the man working the door-
    I’m here to tell you- if she was able to control herself and her costume- it wouldn’t have been an issue.

  9. And another thing- the prize wasn’t 1000$ – there were 1000$ in PRIZES given away- multiple prizes. And this bs about her being thrown out and not allowed to tell her ride- that’s a hoot… Everyone there knew what was going on- she and her ride walked out (or stumbled) together

  10. I was there they also accused her of being drunk. But I was with her she wasn’t DRUNK. the costume was incredibly difficult to walk in. And they wouldn’t let her go back in to tell her ride. I was part of the group wth her

  11. Advertise prizes like this and what do u expect? She was in another bar with no problem. I was with her that night.

  12. Yes we did accuse her of being drunk- maybe it was the fact that she couldn’t walk in her costume- and not that she was drunk- but that should say enough… If You can’t walk- you can be in the bar-
    It’s a issue for not only the owners but for ME as a bartender… And I suppose slapping the door guy was a sober move as well?
    Jerry- you’re full of it- you and the group she was with were right along side of her through the entire thing…

    And your post about treated this veteran so terribly- wtf does that have to do with anything? I’m pretty sure nothing. Seriously- get over it. Don’t like us- don’t come back- but try to keep the facts straight. Either way- our bar will go on… We probably won’t lose a customer- and if we do… Well… Then they prob aren’t the kind i wanna deal w anyway..

  13. Well I live in that town and I’ve been there many times and I did get the facts straight. How come other bats could accommodate her and her costume not a single problem anywhere else. Just your bar.

  14. It’s a business owners discretion who stays and who goes.. I don’t see an issue?

  15. And to relay a good note about your bar that the owners are very generous donating to several charities including the Music Fesy for mini Obierne that I started last year. That’s why I don’t get the whole attitude and why she was treated that way.

  16. Which is why I’m surprised at you posting this whole thing. You’ve spoke to them on several occasions- and know they aren’t that way. As a business owner- you have to make decisions that are for the safety of others …
    Just sayin

  17. Normally find this website to be brutally honest. Which is a breath of fresh air in this town. But I find this story to be very bias. If I underatand this correctly girl stumbles in bar on a busy holiday night in a costume that she has trouble walking in, can not move in a crowd, and produces fire. It’s called liability and the bar has to worry about it. It also sounded like she assaulted the staff which is really classy. Think your exposing the wrong victim here.

  18. I want to preface this, I was a Bartender for over 30yrs. I also know the owners. I owned a bar. I was the Auxiliary Commander of the Disabled American Veterans for 4 years with that being said, I am almost for sure they didn’t know she was a Veteran unless she wore a sign and in looking at her costume she didn’t. As a Bartender every ones safety is important whether she was drunk or not if she would get hurt or someone else get hurt it is on the Bar Owner.
    I don’t believe that the Owners knew she was a Veteran, Veteran or not everyone needs to be safe!!! Everyone sounding off on this topic you potentially cause the business owner a backlash. How would anyone in the bar know she was a Veteran this is not a Veteran Issue this is a Safety and Liability Issue. How many people sounding off own a business you might look at it differently.
    I also want to Thank Her For Her Service.

  19. Was it to wet to hold the costume contest outside? I agree, that’s a big costume and it would get in the way. There is some tight spots in that place. But with accusing people of being drunk, I’ve personally seen people way to drunk there and not get thrown out. But when u cross the line hitting someone, then it’s time to go.

  20. Iknow the owners and they are very good people and would not be so stupid to throw someone out unless they felt it was wrong on her part.She shouldn,t have disrespect the bartender and just left if asked.Being a veteran should have nothing to do with this that is wrong even bringing this into the problem.She should not go back if she doesn,t like it don,t knock someone business just cause your mad the owners work for their livehood not be slammed by people who are mad and don,t like them.The bar is a nice place.

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