Litchfield Illinois Parks Cancels FREE Swimming Nights Due To “Attracting Individuals Who Cause Problems”

Litchfield Park District- Reports….

To: The Citizens of Litchfield:

It is with deep regret that we must inform you that we have decided to cancel the remaining 3 Wednesday night free swims at the Litchfield Memorial pool. We applaud Steve Schmitt-Brubaker for their generosity in funding the free swims and trying to create a no cost family friendly event for our citizens.
However, the free swims have attracted individuals who only come on free swim nights that cause problems, threaten staff and other patrons and refuse to leave when asked to do so. The final straw occurred on Wednesday July 19th when an individual who was given a letter banning him from the pool for unacceptable behavior refused to leave. He began threatening employees and patrons with bodily harm. Consequently, the police had to be called and the subject was arrested. This is not an isolated incident. Unruly behavior has occurred on a weekly basis during the free swim nights to the point where staff fears for their safety during these events.
We would like to apologize to the free swim participants who follow the rules and come out for an enjoyable evening. It is a very sad state of affairs when a few unruly individuals can ruin a good thing for the whole community. However, we must place public and employee safety first in our decision to discontinue the free swims for the remainder of the year.
We felt the need to inform the public with the facts surrounding our decision to discontinue the free swims in order to dispel any rumors that may arise regarding our decision.

Jeff Heyen, President
Steven C. Bryant, Director
Litchfield Park District

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5 Comments on "Litchfield Illinois Parks Cancels FREE Swimming Nights Due To “Attracting Individuals Who Cause Problems”"

  1. Christopher Jockisch see what happens when Wapo Choncho goes swimming

  2. Jeez Christopher C Rasimowicz the public needs your mma skills for protection

  3. I can not ever imagine something happening like this here in 217 area I am sooooo very shocked by this.

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