Letters to Exposed – Should I Tell???

Tonight we are brining you the first of a user based Q & A on emails sent into us.

The other day we received an email from a guy who met a girl over the internet. He said it was a very awkward way to meet, but one thing led to another and they met in person at her job one night. Sounds all perfect right? Well she was in a relationship and lived with her boyfriend… FAIL.

Anyway so the girl still met our reader and they became good friends. Apparently this meeting became an every day thing when she’d get off work. Then there become intimate kissing and hugs with these daily meetings. Now mind you she still goes home shortly after these meetings to her live in boyfriend.

So talk comes of her leaving the boyfriend, she knows he is no good to her and is most likely cheating on her. Basically to sum it all up he uses her for a place to stay and a piece of ass she said according to our reader.  Slowly this secret relationship goes on between the two of them and she invites him over to her house while the boyfriend is at work. What do you know they sleep together in the same house she lives in with her boyfriend.

So things are getting pretty serious our reader says, he’s met her daughter, had sexual relations with her, sees her daily, talks all the time, but he is still only “the side nigga”.

This goes on for about a month and a half and the reader says the girl says she hasn’t slept with her boyfriend the whole time, that she loves both of them but she doesn’t know what to do.

Then what happens, she sleeps with her boyfriend again one morning and emotions take a viral spin. She kicks the “side nigga” to the side and says she can’t do this anymore, that she cant live a double life and she is staying with her boyfriend.

She begs the “side nigga” not to tell anyone, not to blast her, that she is not a hoe.  She then went off and deleted him from Facebook and cut off communication.

What should the “side nigga” do?  Should he tell the boyfriend?

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Second poll for us, should be expose this No Good Girlfriend?

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7 Comments on "Letters to Exposed – Should I Tell???"

  1. Yessssss

  2. Um yes… you’re called Springfield, Il exposed.

  3. I’m ready

  4. Wow…that’s crazy! I guess it’s a good thing she didn’t end up pregnant!!

  5. Why would he put his fling on blast like that?! He continued to pursue the relationship, knowing she was otherwise committed……why implicate himself in search of revenge!? Anger, jealousy, and such certainly won’t lead her back into his arms! She’s responsible for being honest and truthful with her live-in bf…….if she wants a solid, valuable relationship. She’ll experience her own guilt, negative energy, etc…..until she sets things straight. Neither are exempt responsibility tho, takes two.
    For those of whom play the “side bitch” game…….know your roll……guard your heart. 😉 😉

    One persons account of one incident doesn’t warrant exposure….at least not identifiable details!

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