Lets Help A Local Business Catch These Alleged Shoplifters!

We are all about helping local businesses out here at Exposed Publishing, NFP.

Take a look at the pictures below of a local store’s surveillance system.
ShopLifter ShopLifter1 ShopLifter2 ShopLifter3

Do you recognize them? If so send us an email at springfieldilexposed@gmail.com, text us at (636) 492-1081, or Facebook Message Us! Hell you can even leave their names in the comment section!

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7 Comments on "Lets Help A Local Business Catch These Alleged Shoplifters!"

  1. Why the hell would you steal from Patricia’s? So you can have the same product that would’ve cost you 1/2 as much online?

    And nice ass crack. Your mom must be proud.

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  3. She should steal a belt next time, ain’t no one wanna see ya dirty crack

  4. LMAO I had to make sure it wasn’t you sister Robin Miller-lewis Nelson seen what was being taken then thought of you LMAO

  5. Lmao just post a half naked pic on facebook, u dont need to steal dildos youngin’

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