Lets Find These Horrid Tenants!


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Fb friends i dont usually like to blast ppl on here but i have no other choice right now. Most of u know i have a rental hm in taylorville. Well the last renters destroyed it. They caused about $20,000. Worth of damage and lots of headaches. This was my 1st house i ever bought and it kills me how ppl can destroy your property like this. The problem im having is my lawyer cannot find the scum who did this. So with your help i hope to locate them again so i can have justice. Their names are Gary McPeek and Stacy Lynn Pridgen from Taylorville but may have moved out of state. I will give u $100 if u can tell me where they r living or working now! This is just the basement, the pics of the main floor are worse!! Help me find these scumbags pls. Please share!

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