Leslie C. Eller AKA N98237 – PLEASE STOP DRINKING!

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Meet Leslie Eller.

Mr. Eller here is currently in the Illinois Department of Corrections for his 6+ DUI conviction according to the DOC. Mr. Eller is currently at the Vandalia Correction Center with a projected parole date of 01/01/2018.

Mr. Eller here is what you would call “institutionalized” by the DOC. He has been in and out of the DOC since the 80’s when he was sentenced on a Drug Case. Since then Mr. Eller has been catching driving under the influences and driving on suspended/revoked licenses charges ever since.

Mr. Eller is currently 55 years old, he was sentenced to 6 years for an incident of Driving Under the Influence/Driving on a Revoked License on 01/01/2015.

Mr. Eller when you get out in 2018 please don’t get no where near a car drunk… You’ve been lucky this far that you haven’t seriously hurt yourself or anyone else…

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12 Comments on "Leslie C. Eller AKA N98237 – PLEASE STOP DRINKING!"

  1. Michael Eller Michael Eller wth man??

  2. This is the second post about my dad..obviously the first one they had wasn’t good enough. Addiction is a hard thing. The fucked up part is as my son was looking on my Facebook he had to see these pictures of his papaw. Addiction is hard enough on a family especially when people like this post this and runs it in the family’s face the mistakes he made. They didn’t even give him a dui test this time..no he shouldn’t be driving.. But hey. It is what it is I guess.

  3. Lived with this my whole life..but I still love my dad. He would give anything to anyone. He’s a good person with a bad habit

  4. Ya I was like wtf why is he put on here..smmfh

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