Late pickup and/or no shows on bus routes

This info below was sent to us by a reader and concerned parent.


There seems to be a lot of kids not being picked up on time for school, and I don’t mean 5 or 10 minutes late, but up to an hour or the bus never shows up. No call from the bus garage, no call from the schools nothing It is getting cold out there and these grade school kids do not need to be standing out in the cold waiting for their bus that never comes on time. There were 3 instances last week where the bus didn’t pick kids up or picked them up late at almost 90 minutes past the time they are suppose to be. This isn’t just one school, it is 3 schools involved and these are special needs kids. The principal at one school has taken to calling the school board on this matter which has been approximately 15 times since school started.

The bus garage just says that someone called in late and they had to reroute another driver to pick up the kids. If that same driver has been late or called in that many times don’t you think that they should be terminated. Its our kids that are suffering on this matter. Either hire more drivers or get someone responsible enough to show up at work on time and do their jobs.

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  1. Who writes this stuff? You guys seriously need to take some writing classes, or at least purchase an AP style manual.

  2. Brian Williams | January 8, 2017 at 9:25 am | Reply

    Well appears as though this pedophile run site is now defunct. Good riddance dirtbags.

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